Dexter @ Comic-Con: Watch the First Two Minutes of Season 7, and Get More Bloody-Good Scoop

The first two minutes of Dexter‘s Season 7 premiere are killer.

The episode picks up right where the Season 6 finale left off, with Deb walking in on her brother with one of his… projects. And the dysfunctional siblings waste no time getting right into it, as fans at Comic-Con saw when the clip was screened at the show’s panel on Thursday.

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Press PLAY below and watch as both of them, visibly shaken, try to reconcile what’s happened. (Think Deb will accept Dex’s explanation that “I snapped”?) Then read below for highlights from the panel discussion, featuring scoop on that, um, Dexter/Deb romance, daddy drama and more!

SISTER’S ACT | Is Deb actually buying what Dexter is selling in first few minutes of Season 7? “He hopes so… In that moment,” Michael C. Hall said with a laugh. Added Jennifer Carpenter, “She’s just taking one step at a time; she takes one step forward and is sent 10 back.”

POWER PLAYER | Look for Season 7’s Deb to embrace her position of power a bit more than in previous years. “She actually needs [her authority] now. It’s the one card she has to play,” Carpenter teased. “At any second — if Deb lives after what you just saw [in the promo] — she could tell someone to put cuffs on him.” Long story short, “It’s like Dexter and Deb are just fish swimming [in opposite directions] for awhile.”

ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE | Showrunner Scott Buck says the theme of Season 7 is “really the simplest theme of all: What are the consequences of love?” And fret not, this isn’t your cookie cutter tale of the “L” word. “When told through the perspective of Dexter, it’s something completely different.”

BLOOD, LUST | Carpenter might be alone in these sentiments, but she was not as taken aback by Deb’s seemingly sudden affections toward her “brother.” “There was certainly a fascination that I thought Deb had with Dexter [early on], so it didn’t feel like it was so bizarre to play that last season.” However, she added, “I think him stabbing somebody trumps those thoughts.”

ANOTHER WORLD | New Dexter import Yvonne Strahovski was on hand for today’s festivities, and she had an adorably difficult time discussing the differences between working Chuck and Showtime’s dark drama. “Just in general, the energy on the sets are very different,” she said. “There were…loud, different characters on Chuck,” she laughed. “It’s different, but it’s really great.”

DADDY’S HOME | Praise Jeebus! James Remar’s Harry will appear in Season 7 — and in a major way. “We’ll actually see original flashbacks from when Dexter was a child, and we’ll also continue to see him as Dexter’s subconscious.”

PARENT TRAP | “As Harrison gets older and becomes more receptive, it becomes a dicier proposition everyday,” Hall mused of the lad having such a bad dad. What’s more, little H’s Aunt Deb “now has a sense of what she’s dealing with with her brother, and that changes things as well,” he teased. “So, Dexter has someone that is really encouraging him to really face what he’s trying to pull off as a parent.”

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