Scoop: Sherlock's Benedict Cumberbatch Books Dual Guest Role on The Simpsons

Let’s hope this doesn’t mean Maggie’s binky is about to fall into the hands of Professor Moriarty!

Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch has booked a dual guest-starring role on The Simpsons‘ upcoming 24th season. Cumberbatch will play both the British Prime Minister and a snake-like character in an episode titled “Love Is A Many-Splintered Thing,” TVLine has learned.

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Cumberbatch first revealed to InStyle magazine that he’d serendipitously worked his way into a gig on the long-running animated series. The actor happened to be taking a meeting at the studio where The Simpsons‘ voiceover work is done, and heard there was an uncast role. “I said, ‘I hate to muscle in here, guys, but could I record it?’ Next thing, I’m standing in a room with all those famous voices: Bart, Marge, Homer, Lisa,” he told the publication.

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