Secret Life: Shailene Woodley Talks Wedding, Big Twist and Glee-ful Fun (But No Clooney Cameo)

Now that Amy and Ricky on The Secret Life of the American Teenager have abandoned their big wedding plans and instead have an eye on eloping, will their impulsive agenda go off without a hitch (meaning, with one)? Or will it be much “I do” about nothing? Fans of the ABC Family drama will get that answer Monday night at 8/7c, as Season 5 kicks off.

Here, series lead Shailene Woodley previews Amy’s big day, a shocker on the horizon and shares her Glee about the show’s 100th episode.

TVLINE | I went to catch up on the show with last week’s episode, where it seemed that everyone was either coming out as gay or contemplating it. It was… confusing.
Yeah, I was confused about it as well! But it seems there’s a time in everyone’s life when they question their sexuality, whether it’s for a millisecond or a few days, and that was just the writers’ way of artistically representing that moment.

TVLINE | But Amy and Ricky — definitely straight?
Definitely straight.

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TVLINE | Now that they’ve scrapped their Fourth of July wedding day in favor of “ASAP,” will there be no more snafus?
Our show wouldn’t be what it is without constant new obstacles [Laughs], but yeah, it looks like — it appears — that the wedding is going to happen. And I think that fans will be very excited to see what actually goes down. Then, in a few more episodes, there might be another shocker.

TVLINE | Who all is privy to the elopement plan? Just Amy’s father (played by Mark Derwin)?
He might be… but apart from him, I don’t think anybody will be in the know until they get back. A lot of people will be happy [for them], and a lot of people will be angered.

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TVLINE | You mentioned a “shocker” on the horizon. What can you tease about the nature of it?
The only thing I can tease is that it’s going to be something that no one expected. If I say anything else, it’d completely ruin it. But really, I don’t think anybody will see it coming.

TVLINE | I hear that Secret Life has something special on tap for Episode 100 (airing June 25).
Yeah! We kind of tapped into our inner Glee. There might be a musical number, with some singing, some dancing…. It’s definitely different from anything we’ve ever done before. When I read the script, I was excited, because it’s always fun to do something unique in comparison to what you’re used to doing on a daily basis. And to bring that energy onto the set was really fun. It was probably one of my favorite episodes to film.

TVLINE | So, you are going to sing for us?
Well, no — not me! [Laughs] Not me…. But some other people on the show are actually professional singers, so it works out pretty great.

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TVLINE | I finally got around to seeing The Descendants on a plane flight. I went in cold, not knowing a thing about it, and it was really terrific. [Woodley received a Golden globe nomination and won an Independent Spirit Award for playing daughter to George Clooney.]
Thank you so much. That was a totally magical time in my life, and it changed a lot about who I am today. It was a dynamic experience which I feel so lucky to have had.

TVLINE | I’ve interviewed George Clooney a couple of times, and he is such a nice guy — very genuine. And he always comes off as a stand-up fella who likes to do right by those he has worked with. So… if you wanted him to guest-star on Secret Life before your run has ended, is it just a matter of a phone call?
I definitely don’t think he would do it. Working on a PSA or something would be more along the lines of what he would love to do. Because if he’s going to do something extra with his time, he kind of always gravitates towards something philanthropic.

TVLINE | And what can you say about your next film, The Spectacular Now (adapted from Tim Tharp’s award-winning novel)?
We’re hopefully shooting it this summer. Miles Teller (Footloose) is going to be playing opposite me, and the director is James Ponsoldt, who is phenomenal. I’ve only seen his movie Smashed, which was at Sundance this year, but I think just from that one movie he is one of the greatest upcoming directors I’ve seen. It’s about two teenagers who fall in love, but it’s told in a very special, real, human way. Alcoholism is a major part of the script. It’s the same writers as (500) Days of Summer (Scott Neustadter and Michael Weber), so it’s very truthful and catchy and funny, and yet at the same time its heartfelt. I am so excited!