Gilmore Girls Creator on Alexis Bledel's Risqué Mad Men Stint: 'They Were Good Boobs!'

Alexis Bledel Mad MenCount Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino among those taken aback by Alexis Bledel‘s sexually-charged turn as an adulterous suburban housewife on this season’s Mad Men. Particularly eyebrow-raising was the fantasy sequence in which Bledel’s character surprised Vincent Kartheiser’s Pete at work wearing nothing but a fur coat and a string of pearls.

The takeaway: Rory Gilmore grew up when we weren’t looking!

“I bet a lot of [Gilmore fans] were traumatized,” cracks Palladino of now-30-year-old Bledel’s mini-striptease. “You have to admit – they were good boobs. And they were real. And very nicely shaped. If I had t–s like that I would walk around with no shirt on, I’m going to be very honest. So I would say to Alexis, ‘Never put your shirt on again.'”

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All joking aside, Palladino — whose new ABC Family dramedy Bunheads bows June 11 — applauds Bledel for taking a creative risk. “I think she’s gone into brave territory for herself, because that’s not a zone that Alexis is comfortable with,” she admits. “She just put herself right out there, and God love her.”

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