Grimm Star David Giuntoli Says Finale 'Holds All the Answers,' Teases Season 2

David Giuntoli Grimm FinaleOn tonight’s Season 1 finale of the freshman procedural Grimm (NBC, 9/8c), Nick continues his quest to find his parents’ killers, stumbles upon a Woman in Black and perhaps even spills the beans about his fairy scary double-life to someone special.

Here, series star David Giuntoli talks Nick’s transformation, teases the return of the mysterious gold coins and drops a bombshell: One character may not make it to Season 2!

TVLINE | It seems like the finale is coming full-circle with the mysterious gold coins and the introduction of Nick’s Grimm past, to someone new and a “woman in black.” What can you tell us about those three big plot points?
They’re all ultimately connected. The gold coins are a magnet for some pretty bad stuff, so anyone who wants them will have to find them. We are also going to be introduced to the woman in black, but I can’t say much about her, except that she will have an absolutely pivotal role in Nick’s further trajectory and also the greater mythology — we’re going to be learning a lot! He’s on a quest to figure out who killed his parents and he won’t stop; there will be no end to his journey to try to figure out who did this to them and why.

TVLINE | I heard there are multiple cliffhangers. Will any of the mysteries be solved?
I can say that by the end [of the finale], you probably won’t be as confused anymore; things will be answered. But there will be, like, three major cliffhangers. Here’s one: We may or may not lose one of our main characters! Nick will find out a lot about his past, and at the end? Maybe one of us doesn’t make it to next season.

TVLINE | What about the shady Captain? Will we find out more about him in the finale? It seems like he knew more about Nick being a Grimm before Nick even did.
The Captain’s always had the goods on Nick, but Nick does not have the goods on the Captain. Even at this point, I don’t think he really knows or suspects that anything is going on, and maybe neither does the viewer. Next season we’re going to be learning a lot about the Captain and what he comes from, as well as Aunt Marie’s past.

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TVLINE | The Captain isn’t the only one keeping secrets — Juliette won’t accept Nick’s proposal until he opens up to her. Is that what triggers him to confide in her about his Grimm side?
Nick isn’t going to be able to keep this secret much longer. I always think for anyone who has lied for a prolonged period of time, it just gets more and more difficult; you have to create more and more lies, and you kind of go a little crazy. Even though he may want to keep this secret, I think he wants desperately to tell someone. But we don’t know for sure that it’s going to be Juliette!

TVLINE | If he could, would Nick stop being a Grimm completely?
You know what the cool thing is about Nick? I think for almost all of Season 1, he would have wanted this to go away; if he had a choice, he would have said no to being a Grimm. But I think starting at the end of this season, he wouldn’t. He’s owning it, and he’s starting to realize he has this responsibility and amazing natural ability to deal with this stuff! He’s a good guy and he needs to use his powers to save what elements of society he can.

TVLINE | Is that how you feel he has grown this season?
Without a doubt. He’s accepted that he’s a Grimm. At first, it was just constant befuddlement and disbelief. He knows what he is, and I think he knows what he has to do, and it’s just at the point where he’s about to come out of the closet on that one. Or, come out of the trailer! [Laughs]

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TVLINE | Generally, what can we expect from Season 2?
In Season 1, we were just focusing on the procedural; we had a good time being Law & Order: Special Fairytales Unit. [Laughs] I think in Season 2, we’re going to have more of a macro exploration of the powers that be, governments and the world order buried underneath that nobody knows about — except for those in power.

TVLINE | Is there anything on your Grimm bucket list? The show has really taken off and was renewed early
I’d love to get everybody in on it! I would like to bring my people in on it; it would be fun to see Nick lead this little army, his little Portland precinct, into the fray.

TVLINE | Would it be like The Avengers, Grimm-style?
Well, you know, as good of cops as Sgt. Wu and Hank are, they aren’t superheroes — they’re humans. So it would be a rag-tag, like Bad News Bears moreso than The Avengers. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Could you describe the finale in one sentence?
The finale holds all the answers.

TVLINE | Really — all of them?
I think it will scratch some itches!

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