American Idol: What (Unexpected) Songs Should the Top 3 Cover for Hometown Visits Week?

We’ve reached that point in the American Idol season guaranteed to bring the average Idoloonie to tears. Yep, it’s Top 3 Week — AKA “Hometown Visits” — and there’ll be parades, adorable parents, throngs of adoring fans, and uncontrollable sobbing from Jessica Sanchez, Joshua Ledet, and Phillip Phillips.

Still, with each finalist performing three songs — “Judges’ Choice”; “Jimmy’s Choice”; and “Their Choice” — there’s also the possibility that we’ll be crying over unfortunate song selection.

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In my mind, it’s the time of the season for pushing boundaries (but not “No Boundaries”) and taking risks, so without a narrow theme confining me, I’ve brainstormed four songs per contestant that might force viewers to look at them in a new light, and also give these cats the chance for an Idol Moment.

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What should Jessica, Joshua, and Phillip sing? Check out my suggestions below, then hit the comments with the fruits of your own brainstorming sessions!

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