Idology: Is Phillip's Win Inevitable, or Is There a Secret Plot to Launch [Spoiler] to Victory?

With three weeks to go in American Idol‘s 11th season, plenty of fans and pundits have already conceded the race to guitar-slingin’ Georgia peach Phillip Phillips. But let’s not forget: It’s not over till Ryan Seacrest has turned a 5-second announcement into two hours of agony, Kieran’s dimmed the lights, and a lifetime’s supply of glittering confetti is choking out some talented vocalist trying to work his (or her) way through another sappy Idol victory anthem.

On this week’s Idology, Season 6 standout Melinda Doolittle and I try to make sense of Phillip’s success after a subpar Top 5 week, discuss Jessica Sanchez’s “DressGate,” and debate whether or not late-surging Hollie Cavanagh could be a worthy winner. Plus, one of us dons a Skylar Laine-themed t-shirt (spoiler alert: it’s me!), one of us offers practical advice on the dangers of performing in death-courting heels (spoiler alert: it’s Melinda!), and I offer up my latest conspiracy theory involving Nigel Lythgoe, The X Factor, and Lauren Alaina.

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