The Good Wife Finale Recap: Things Are In Flux

The following recap, by the very definition of the word “recap,” contains spoilers from the Season 3 finale of The Good Wife.

“I don’t know…. It feels like things are falling apart.”

“You’ll build them up again. That’s what you do.”

And fall apart things did during the Season 3 finale of The Good Wife on Sunday night. Though you kind of had to expect the worst, knowing that Louis Canning had teamed up with Patti Nyholm, perhaps no one could imagine the damage they would do — and as a mere “distraction”!

Elsewhere, in personal matters, the purchase of their old house presented the possibility of… something… between Alicia and Peter, while Kalinda armed herself — quite literally — for a face-off with a blast from her past.

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The hour opened with Lockhart Gardner being awarded a sizable, $25 million judgement in a class action case against a pharmaceutical firm repped by Louis and Patti. But just as Diane readied to hear out their settlement offer, L/G instead was stiffed and then some: The drug company had retained the “Dream Team” to not just trouble their frequent adversaries with a nuisance suit aimed at dragging Will’s skeletons out of the closet anew, but bleed L/G dry until they shuttered their doors.

Diane, Will et al fought a good fight, swatting back every legal volley coming from Louis and Patti, but in the end they realized they’d been had, that the lawsuit was but a bit of “sleight of hand” used to push their top client, web entrepreneur Patric Edelstein, to jump ship and take his boffo billings to Louis’ firm. And… pop! went L/G’s looming balloon payment.

We now take a brief break to revisit this awesome scene, pictured at right:

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Meanwhile, as part of thwarting one of the lawsuit’s offensives, Peter came clean about his and Alicia’s separation, thus making it part of the public record and likely putting his run for governor in jeopardy. (Or at least give him a huge family values hurdle to overcome.) Unless….


“Stay, Mom. No one will think it means anything. Just… have some pizza.”

Peter, to preserve the lump of cash Jackie had deposited on the house, followed through on the purchase — and will live there “temporarily” — with Alicia’s OK. That set up a final scene where Alicia breaks free from a cozy-ish moment with her estranged hubby to head back to work, rather than join him and the kids for take-out. But then Zach makes the above appeal, and though his mom initially rebuffed, the finale closed with Alicia visibly tempted by the warm image of a family dinner together. And just as a “Oh, what the heck…” sort of smile arrived at her lips, we cut to black. See you in September!

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The night’s third cliffhanger was set in motion by Alicia’s discovery of a mysterious $21,000 check in Kalinda’s file. When Alicia poked into it, she found herself on the other end of the phone with a rather menacing-sounding man — someone who would later cold-call her at her house, addressing her by a name she never disclosed. Kalinda eventually came clean about with whom her coworker had run afoul: “It’s my husband.”

And something tells us it won’t be “happy to see me” when “Mr. Sharma” walks through the door of the Kalindacave, where his better half lies in wait with a loaded gun.

How terrific did you find the Good Wife finale to be? Do you think Alicia turned around? Will Lockhart Gardner be leaner and meaner when Season 4 opens? And who would you cast as Kalinda’s husband? Hit the comments!

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