Hart of Dixie's Scott Porter Talks George's Next Move (Singing!) and Possible Romance With Zoe

Given the bombshell that ended last week’s Hart of Dixie (Lemon finally revealing her affair with Lavon to her current fiancé George), you’d think tonight’s episode of the CW charmer (airing at 9/8c) would find the newly single do-gooder moping about Bluebell in woe-is-me fashion. Thankfully, though, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Rather, “Destiny & Denial” features George — and, in turn, his portrayer Scott Porter — in a totally new light:

One who sings and dances and might actually put the moves on one Zoe Hart.

“This was such a great episode of just relief and release,” the Friday Night Lights alum tells TVLine. “The entirety of the season has been waiting for this [affair] to come out in the wash, and now that it has, everything moves forward at light-speed.”

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While we can’t tell you exactly what “everything” entails, Porter’s assessment of this new (and improved?) George — “who is hurting and trying to deal with it in a number of ways” — is on the money.

“It’s George Tucker time!” previews Porter, with a laugh. “He’s going to live his life in a more selfish manner now. He’s only going to worry about what George Tucker wants, and he’s very excited about this seemingly super-duper plan that he’s come up with.” And who better to share the plan with than the good doc, who is “the one person he feels he can explain his new outlook to.”

But how does Zoe — who was also cut out of George’s life last week for keeping Lemon’s secret — make it back into his good graces? “What you won’t see happen between these two episodes is that George goes home that night and reevaluates his entire life, realizing that it was wrong of him to ask Zoe to pick between her friends,” he explains. “So, he sets out to remedy that very quickly.”

A fact which may bode well for loyal George/Zoe ‘shippers. “This new plan takes George to a place where he’s going to be a little more honest with himself and unbox these things that he’s packed away within himself,” muses Porter, “even if they might be his feelings for Zoe.”

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But a fresh POV isn’t all George 2.0 brings to the table. The guy is musical, too!

“I was so elated when I saw that I was going to sing,” he tells us of George’s performance of “Jambalaya” in tonight’s episode. “The writers had actually asked me earlier in the season if George sang — or even beatboxed, because I was a professional beatboxer for years and years and years of my life — and I guess I said no. So, this all came about when one day on set I told them, ‘George does sing. George wanted to join the choir in high school and his dad didn’t see it as something George should be doing, so he ultimately didn’t join — but he’s got a song in his heart!'”

Thoughts on Hart of Dixie‘s singing, free-wheeling George Tucker? Hit the comments!

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