House Shocker: Thoughts on The Big Twist?

WARNING: If you have yet to watch this week’s House, avert your eyes now. And we repeat: If you have yet to watch this week’s House, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, you may proceed….

It would appear House‘s top-secret series-ending arc is a secret no more: In the final moments of Monday’s episode, viewers learned that Robert Sean Leonard‘s Wilson — and not Hugh Laurie‘s titular doc, as many assumed — has cancer.

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The diagnosis sheds ominous new light on the show’s final four episodes, beginning with next week’s Laurie-helmed hour, “The C’Word” and ending with the May 21 swan song, “Everybody Dies.”

Series creator David Shore recently told TVLine that the House-Wilson friendship will take center stage as the show nears its conclusion. “I think male friendship is something rarely explored on TV or even in the movies in much depth,” he said. “[There’s] plenty of wingmen, plenty of guys trying to get other guys laid and stuff like that. But a real friendship with real depth and lasting years and going through challenges and being there for each other and confronting each other… [is unique]. The [House/Wilson] relationship is one I’m particularly proud of because it’s something you don’t see on TV very much.”

Thoughts? Did you see the twist coming? Are you holding out hope that House has one more miracle up his sleeve?

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