House Series Finale Shocker: 'Everybody Dies'

If you were thinking House might check out next month with a big burst of sunshine and happiness, it’s time to readjust your expectations. Newly-obtained intel about the series finale all but confirms that the swan song will be as dark and twisty as Hugh Laurie‘s titular medicine man himself.

Sources confirm to TVLine exclusively that the May 21 capper is titled, “Everybody Dies.”

The morbid epithet is a fitting bookend to House‘s eight-year run, seeing as how the 2004 pilot was called, “Everybody Lies.”

It’s also likely to intensify speculation that the show’s final arc will find the doctor becoming the patient.

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In a recent interview with TVLine, House creator David Shore — who co-wrote and directed the finale — described the hour-long send-off as “a fitting ending” that will feature “a few” of the show’s alumni (Olivia Wilde’s Thirteen included) reprising their roles.

Speaking of Wilde, TVLine has learned that the actress’ return engagement has been expanded to two episodes. In addition to the finale, she will also appear in the penultimate episode on May 14.

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