Ringer Finale Recap: And Everyone Lived Unhappily Ever After

Warning: If you have yet to watch Tuesday’s season finale of Ringer, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, read on….

Ringer‘s majorly twin-sted debut season came to a dramatic end on Tuesday night, with countless loose ends tied up, a handful of deaths and an awesome little cliffhanger that — should The CW pick up the drama for a second season — will make for a fun jumping-off point.

NOPE-TIALS | The finale opens on that gorgeous vow renewal ceremony we teased here, but — as predicted — it was all just a dream. Poor Bridget has been stressing out about telling Andrew her secret, and it’s giving her nightmares.

TRUTH OR DARE | During an NA meeting to celebrate a year of sobriety, Bridget gives props to Malcolm (who, unbeknownst to her, has apparently been found dead by the feds), then says she’ll be walking down the aisle in a week with the man she loves — after she tells him the truth about who she is. They, of course, think she’s referring to her druggie past, but still…. She starts to give the whole “I’m not Siobhan” thing a go during dinner the following night, but her efforts are thwarted by Andrew’s overly soapy yet incredibly sweet proclamations of love. Sadly, his happiness is short-lived thanks to Henry’s icky father-in-law Tim Arbogast — who just so happens to have purchased Martin Charles. Gemma’s dad, in all his vengeance-seeking glory, spills the beans to Andrew about Siobhan’s long-ago affair with Henry. Moments later, the (fake) husband scorned scolds Bridget-as-Siobhan for her behavior and tells her the marriage is off. Andrew does eventually agree to hear Bridget out after she reveals her true identity (and after he calls her a “drug-addled prostitute”), and while he admits to still loving her, he can’t get over the fact that it was “all a lie.”

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THE LONG CON | Who knew Henry had it in him? Things started out simple enough: Henry asked Siobhan to move with him to Chicago so they can raise their family there and rid their lives of the drama — and she reluctantly agreed. She even offered to foot the bill on their new home. But being the Pinocchio that she is, Siob couldn’t help but lie to Henry about the paternity of her daughters — a move that would be the end of her. After noticing that nearly all of her hard-earned (?) money was gone, Henry confessed to stealing her stash: “I wanted to take away the one thing that meant something to you, like you took away everything important to me.” He tells his poser baby momma to hit the highway, and that’s that. So, Henry — who is perhaps an evil genius — got off scot-free, ‘cept for that mean right hook he took to the face courtesy of an angry Andrew.

BIG BAD IS BACK | Jimmy shows up at Siobhan’s demanding money. If she refuses, he says he’ll tell Bodaway that she is actually Bridget. Unfortunately, Bodaway drops by the dirty cop’s hotel room, kills him and sets off to find Bridget — knowing that she is holed up at Siobhan’s. Elsewhere, Bridget slowwwwly but surely tries to piece together why her sister hired someone to trick her — a fact revealed to her by Jimmy — and once she sees on the news that he’s dead, she races back home to Andrew’s, knowing that the Big Bad B awaits her.

CLOSE ENCOUNTERS | A newly homeless Siobhan breaks back into her old apartment to steal some things — the lady is broke! — only to be put in a sleeper hold by Bodaway. She begs and pleads and repeatedly tells him that he’s got the wrong twin, but he’s not having it. Thankfully, Bridget drops in — thinking she’s witnessing an attack on Andrew — and saves the day, shooting Bodaway dead. But, wouldn’t you know, Bridge never gets a glimpse of her twin sis, who has immediately fled the scene. Just then, bodyguard Solomon produces some surveillance footage from the day of the boat incident (circa: the series pilot), and what does Bridget see? Siobhan is alive! Henry confirms the news to B, explaining, “Siobhan knew that somebody was trying to kill her… and she wanted you to take her place, for what you did to Sean.” To which Bridget responds (ending the hour-slash-season), “Siobhan wanted me dead?!”

So, what did you think of the Ringer finale? Are you hoping the show returns for a second season?

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