Private Practice Recap: 'Do You Want To Comb Your Hair, Or...?'

Warning: The following recap, by the very definition of the word “recap,” contains spoilers from Tuesday’s Private Practice.

Longtime viewers of ABC’s Private Practice were promised that a payoff five years in the making was coming, that “major news… happy news” (as series creator Shonda Rhimes very recently tweeted) was on the way.

And boom, at the close of the show’s spring premiere/Tuesdays-at-10 debut, there it was, thank Judi — Addison was getting a frickin’ baby.

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Of course, the newborn’s arrival came swaddled in plenty of irony, seeing as Addison had decided to derail herself from the baby track. And lord knows, Addison now has plenty else on her plate, having locked lips with both Jake and Sam on the same night (with the latter privately aware that his sometime lady love had gotten baby off her brain). And all of that seemed to inform an odd look on Ad’s face as her therapist confronted her about what she must be feeling as a new mom.

Was Addison’s measured reaction and utter silence meant to say she had in fact succeeded in talking herself out of having maternal feelings? Or was she simply stunned by the turn of events? (Her expression upon meeting Henry and in the promos for next week indicate the latter, that Addison is most definitely a pleased-as-punch parent.)

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Elsewhere in the hour….

• Mason held out hope that his mom would be saved/cured, but Cooper urged the lad to come to terms with the tragic truth. Charlotte meanwhile helped Erica during her final hours, ultimately convincing the dying mother to let her son see her one final time. And though Cooper — who earlier had shared his own final, touching goodbye with the mother of his son — for a moment suspected it’d be too much, Mason ultimately went up to and on Erica’s bed, and embraced her, sobbing, as she soon enough flatlined. Damn good child actor.

• Pete and Violet, fresh off her break-up with Scott, mutually recognized they still love each other. Violet, though, stopped them short of falling back into each other’s arms/bed, instead insisting that they needed to “do the work” and fix the problems that marred their marriage in the first place. And Pete agreed.

• Over in the Land of Anvils, Addison made it her mission to have Amelia make peace with her pregnant state, inviting her to witness yet another “garden-variety miracle” (meaning: childbirth, and Judi’s at that!), cooing that her child will be just as cute as Judi’s, and even clearing out her home office-slash-would-be-nursery to serve as Amelia’s own baby room. The day-long pep talk appeared to improve the mom-to-be’s disposition.

• Sheldon, who during the episode battled Jake over the case of a pregnant woman who had killed her two other children, abruptly skedaddled out of town after getting an urgent-y phone call from his ex-wife.

What did you think of this Private Practice episode five years in the making? What were your favorite moments?

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