Exclusive First Look: Episodes' Season 2 Poster Throws Matt LeBlanc in the Deep End

At last, the return of Showtime’s brilliant, underrated Episodes is just around the corner. (Okay, since it isn’t back until July 1, maybe it’s more “around the corner and over a couple of blocks.” But still!) Now we have an exclusive first look at the comedy’s second season key art, which sets Matt LeBlanc (played by, you know, Matt LeBlanc) afloat in the deep end, while the married TV writers whose lives he’s basically sunk (Stephen Mangan and the spectactular Tamsin Greig) are left to dog-paddle for dear life.

Scroll down and see for yourself. Then hit the comments and weigh in, if you will, on whether the tag line is cheeky and cutting, or, by its exclusion of a question mark, a plea for understanding.

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