Krysten Ritter on Playing an 'Outrageous Sociopath' in Don't Trust the B----- in Apt 23

Just call her the anti-New Girl. In ABC’s new comedy Don’t Trust the B—– in Apartment 23 (premiering tonight at 9:30/8:30c), Krysten Ritter plays Chloe, an outrageous party girl who carries around a switchblade instead of a feeling stick and has sex on cakes instead of baking them.

The alumna of Breaking Bad and Veronica Mars chatted with TVLine about morning martinis, living in co-star James Van Der Beek’s house and what other insanity to look forward to in Apartment 23.

TVLINE | Chloe is a lot different than other characters you’ve played. What attracted you to this project?
Chloe has a combination of everything; she’s such an outrageous, dynamic character. She has the darker stuff and the drugs and all of that, but she’s also really fun and funny as well. In the pilot alone, I was dancing in a hip hop video, I had a switchblade, I was getting a kid drunk, having sex on a birthday cake and may or may not have been dealing drugs.

TVLINE | Would you describe her as a sociopath?
Oh yeah, she’s definitely a sociopath. [Laughs] She’s a con artist, she’s conniving, she’s totally free of emotional attachments and she marches to her own drummer. She has no code — she does whatever she wants to do; however, it does come from a good place. As messed up as it is, she thinks she’s doing the right thing, and I don’t think she’s a bitch – I think she’s just a fabulous force of nature.

Watch this sneak peek, then read on for more:

TVLINE | What about Chloe has shocked you the most so far?
Every episode there’s something insane! You find out that I’m the star of a very, very huge graphic novel in Japan; I am a registered sex offender; and there may or may not be a sex tape of James Van Der Beek. Episode 4 opens up with me slapping June across the face. You find out later that it’s an act, but just the stuff that I get to do — it’s just so fun! She wakes up in the morning and drinks a martini; it’s ridiculous! [Laughs]

TVLINE | What is it like working with James?
I love working with James, and I think he’s doing such a great job on the show. He’s really funny and somehow really adorable; at the end of every episode, I kind of want to give him a hug. We’re total buds – I actually live in his old house! I needed a place to live to shoot the show and he was like, “Live in my house! I just moved out of it!” [Laughs]

TVLINE | Lastly, how long do you think Jane, your character on Breaking Bad, would last in Apartment 23?
Oh, poor Jane would probably be dead in two seconds because she would probably be bingeing on heroin!