Raising Hope's Martha Plimpton Previews the Chances' 15 Minutes of Fame With Nancy Grace

Raising HopeRaising Hope‘s Chance family is about to get Inside Probed.

And although the offbeat Fox comedy is known for its wicked sense of humor, the preceding sentence is not as dirty as it sounds, we swear! Rather, tonight’s “mockumentary” episode (airing at 9:30/8:30c) finds the clan becoming the subjects of a “sensationalistic kind of send-up of courtroom” programs, this one called Inside Probe, previews Martha Plimpton, who plays Virginia, the (very young!) grandmother of the baby in the series’ title.

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“We think we’re being interviewed for the show because we helped capture this crazy, insane serial killer played by Bijou Phillips,” she continues, referring to Hope’s ill-fated mother. “And it turns out that’s not entirely the reason why.”

What’s more, the person giving them the third degree is none other than political commentator/TV personality Nancy Grace, who “does a guest appearance as herself, sending herself up,” says Plimpton, adding that most of the fun is in the Dancing With the Stars alum “doing her walk and talk throughout Natesville, introducing her audience to the Chance family and the people in our town.”

And what a town it is, full of odd, colorful characters all of whom will get their moment in the spotlight when they’re grilled about their infamous neighbors. Teases Plimpton: “A lot of the people that you met during the course of the season” – including My Name Is Earl‘s Jason Lee, Jaime Pressly and Ethan Suplee – “are coming back for our final episode [airing next Tuesday], which is really cool.”

Though she was executed, Hope’s mom, Lucy, also returns tonight as every member of the family recounts the fateful day that Jimmy met her. And, as new details emerge about the lady, ahem, killer, it raises a downright scary question: Could she actually be alive?

“You’ve got to watch the show to find out,” replies Plimpton. “As far as we know, she’s six feet under.” However, she does admit that the mockumentary installment is “a ‘to be continued’ situation” that “carries over into the finale,” which features the Chances fighting to retain custody of baby Hope. Despite the obvious reasons why they might not appear to be the best people to raise the tot, Plimpton believes they have what it takes.

“I think any family is great,” she says, “that has love in it and has caring and a sense of humor and openness.”