Blue Bloods Preview: Will Saving a Life Kill Jamie's Undercover Career?

Tonight on Blue Bloods (CBS, 10/9c), Jamie plays hero by plucking someone from a fire — a good deed that nonetheless threatens to burn him, badly.

Teeing up the action and subsequent dilemma, Will Estes tells TVLine, “My character makes a split-second decision and ends up saving a baby from a burning building – which is sort of an iconic thing. And as you might expect, the press jumps all over it.”

Thing is, if Jamie’s face lands all over the news and papers, it will critically compromise the groundwork he has laid to get inside the Santino crime family.

“I’m still deep undercover, so it presents a visibility issue,” says Estes. “My face in the paper, in a police uniform, could be a huge problem. So chaos ensues!”

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OK, not so fast with the chaos. Because poppa Frank Reagan (played by Tom Selleck) gets an idea. Seeing as how Jamie actually handed off the imperiled infant to Sgt. Renzulli (Nick Turturro) before emerging from the blazing building , the commish gets the idea to have Jamie’s partner claimi credit for the deed.

But for Renzulli, “playing” hero doesn’t sit so easily. “It’s a really difficult thing for a proud police officer to do, taking credit for something you didn’t do,” Estes notes. “It’s a tribute to out friendship [that he endures it].”

And what about Jamie? Will he, in even the smallest of ways, feel cheated out of due recognition, his moment in the spotlight? Or does he recognize that it’s all for the greater good, meaning in the name of fighting greater crime?

“In that moment, he was just doing his job,” says Estes. And besides, the actor hints, “There’s a really nice scene where he does end up getting recognition, in a really special way – and that’s a great moment for Jamie.”

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