Happy Endings Season Finale Preview: A Penny/Dave/Alex Love Triangle Is Born?

Happy Endings Elisha Cuthbert Zachary KnightonAnother Happy Endings season finale, another wedding. Yes, the gang is once again celebrating someone else’s nuptials in tonight’s episode (ABC, 9:30/8:30c) as Derek (returning guest star Stephen Guarino) and his boyfriend Eric (Nate Smith) tie the knot. It’s only fitting, then, that the buzzy comedy should end its sophomore year with not only an exchange of vows, but also with a bit of romantic intrigue for our pals.

Spoiler Alert! Happy Endings Romance Scoop! Alias Cliffhanger Redux!

“The finale is incredible,” Eliza Coupe, who plays tightly-wound Jane, told TVLine at the College TV Awards last Saturday. “You think two people are going to get together, and then you think another two people are going to get together, and you just never know.”

Could she be talking about buddies Dave (Zachary Knighton) and Penny (Casey Wilson), who shared a surprising spark earlier this season? While Knighton admitted that he has “no idea where [the relationship] is going to go,” he did reveal that “there are definitely little weird cliffhangers in the finale.”

“The show kind of flirts with the Penny and Dave thing,” he said, adding that it’s fine by him. “That’s healthy because that is sort of a reality in people’s friendships and lives.”

But complicating a would-be relationship between these pals is the fact that things definitely do not seem to be over between Dave and Alex (Elisha Cuthbert), the ex who jilted him on their wedding day. Having slept together in a recent episode, “there is a palpable tension” between the former couple, teased Knighton.

Happy Endings Casey Wilson“The Penny thing will add an interesting twist to it,” he continued. And speaking of the perennial single gal, Penny’s got her own Option B thanks to a very handsome guest star – Brian Austin Green as an injured, Skyped-in wedding guest.

Ultimately, though, if Knighton had his way, Dave would remain a bachelor. “I like where my character is at right now because I literally get to go on dates with really cute girls every week,” he said. “It’s really fun, and it keeps it light. It’s good for the comedy.”

(With reporting by Paula Carvajal)