Justified's Walton Goggins Previews Boyd/Dickie Alliance: 'We Will Dance, But It Won't Be a Waltz'

As FX’s Justified inches ever closer to its Season 3 finale, the pieces are moving into place, and there are many of them.

Tonight at 10/9c, in the season’s penultimate hour, Limehouse’s No. 1, Errol, brings Boyd a provocative proposition attached to a most unlikely “business partner” – Dickie Bennett, who is out to claim momma Mags’ $3 million in savings. To do so requires knocking over a bank. With Boyd’s help.

Boyd, however, has just one thing in mind when Dickie is dropped on his barroom’s doorstep. (After all, this is the guy who plugged Ava at close range, an act that Boyd has been itching to avenge for a while now.)

“He is the last person I expect to see walk through that door,” Walton Goggins tells TVLine of the rife-with-tension reunion. “In some ways, I don’t even believe it, not until I get up next to him. And the only thing I want to see him do is f—king die.”

Alas, as mentioned, with Dickie comes the chance to lay hands on heaps of cash. And that short-term play may be enough to afford the last surviving Bennett a (perhaps brief) new lease on life. “We will dance, but it won’t be a waltz” is how Goggins winningly previews the iffy alliance.

But Boyd’s ragtag team of robbers are not the only ones getting a bead on the bank. The increasingly unpredictable Robert Quarles, with Limehouse’s backing, is hot to pinch the payday (provided he can escape his naked-and-chained confines), Wynn Duffy is working off his own agenda, and of course the law – in the form of one U.S. Marshall Raylan Givens – would love nothing more than to get the drop on this all-star congregation of ne’er-do-wells.

“You have four people playing chess on a board built for two, with moves coming from every direction,” Goggins says of Justified‘s crowd of crooks. “And all of that will come to a head [in the finale].”

Of course, at Boyd’s side as he barters this deal with the little Bennett devil is Ava, who “stepped up, in a major way” this season, Goggins raves. “It’s a testament to Joelle [Carter] and who she is as an actress, and how strong she is as a person, that she’s able to imbue Ave with this soft, compassionate side… and this very, very violent side. That’s indicative of a woman who deserves a seat at the table, and [Joelle] really knocked it out of the park.”

Will that rather unexpected romance survive next week’s finale unscathed? (After all, Carter told TVLine that the finale is a “big” episode for her and Ava, which frankly got us kinda worried.)

“The real reason why we’re all here is love, born out of violence,” Goggins hedges. “So we’ll see how it all shakes out.”

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