Gossip Girl Boss Declares, 'We're Very Happy with Dan and Blair as a Couple, But... '

Gossip Girl Dan BlairGossip Girl returns tonight with an episode that promises to push the escalating “Dair”/”Chair” ‘shipper war into Defcon 1 territory. Showrunner Josh Safran, meanwhile, is facing increased pressure to pick a side — on screen and off.

“I love Dan and Blair… We’re very happy with Dan and Blair as a couple,” he tells TVLine ahead of tonight’s spring premiere, which revolves around Dan and Blair awkwardly consummating their relationship. “But that doesn’t mean that we’re unhappy with Chuck and Blair as a couple. It seems like it’s always black or white for some people. And it’s not black and white for us at all — nor is it black and white for Blair Dan and Chuck.”

That idea of romantic ambiguity has been “the theme of this season,” adds Safran. “As you evolve and you grow up, you begin to realize that it is possible to love more than one person. And that is Blair’s struggle. Different relationships mean different things and they open up different sides of you.”

But as Safran confirmed to TVLine on Friday, the triangle “comes to an end point” in the season finale. “Blair has a decision to make,” GG‘s boss elaborates. “Can she have it all with one person? Can she have it all with two people? Can she have it all by herself? Those are things she’s definitely struggling with.”


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