Poll: Can Community Survive (Perhaps Even Thrive) Without Chevy Chase's Pierce?

Community Chevy ChaseYou couldn’t have Bones without Bones. You couldn’t have 2 Broke Girls without two broke girls. You couldn’t have Dexter without Dexter. But could you have Community without Pierce? Since the comedy is looking pretty good for renewal — and since there’s some, shall we say, backstage tension — it’s a question that may soon have to be answered.

On one hand, it could be argued that the show needs Chevy Chase‘s character — especially since Ken Jeong’s Chang was more or less defanged. Even when Pierce isn’t filling the villain role, the politically incorrect geezer still sort of acts as a built-in antagonist for the study group.

On the other hand, Pierce isn’t the series’ lead or even its second banana. And the rich weirdo has far fewer flashes of likeability than even Joel McHale’s self-absorbed Jeff.

So, could Community survive — and maybe even thrive — without Pierce? Let’s put that question to the only people that matter. No, not Chase and series creator Dan Harmon — you!

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