CSI: NY Preview: Greek Grads Spencer Grammer, Aaron Hill Talk 'Surprise' On-Screen Reunion

After a nearly two-month hiatus, CSI: NY returns tonight (CBS, 9/8c) with an episode that reunites Greek stars — and current crime scene lab techs — Spencer Grammer and Aaron Hill.

Here, the two preview for TVLine their episode, and weigh in on whether or not a Greek (made-for-TV) movie is in the cards.

ON WHAT “FLASH POP” HAS IN STORE | Friday’s episode finds “the team trying to figure out who mimicked a 1950s cold case, and they end up having to investigate one of their own,” Hill explains. (Six Million Dollar Man Lee Majors guest-stars as the cop who worked the original case.) “My character was obsessed with this case — he even did his thesis on it. So, that’s how he’s involved when they’re looking into this present-day murder.”

ON FINDING OUT A GREEK CO-STAR WAS ALSO GUEST-STARRING | “I got the call sheet [for the episode] and once I saw Aaron’s name, I immediately texted him!” Grammer recalls, excitedly. “It was a really nice surprise because I got to catch up with him.” Hill echoes his former co-star’s sentiments, calling it a “great coincidence” that they were paired up again. But while a good portion of the episode finds the two apart, Spencer promises, “We are in at least one scene together, when we’re out at a bar with other lab techs.”

ON HOW THESE CHARACTERS COMPARE TO CYRUS-RHODES’ ELITE | When asked where his CSI: NY guy falls on a scale of 0 to Beaver, Hill teases, “I would say my lab tech, physically, is probably about a 10 compared to Beaver. Look, this guy is very smart, but he doesn’t have the best demeanor either. So, I’d say they are not very similar at all.” Adds Grammer, simply yet effectively, “My character is definitely not Casey Cartwright.”

ON WHETHER A GREEK REUNION IS A POSSIBILITY | “Hopefully in due time the fans can pressure ABC Family into doing some sort of reunion with the Greek cast,” Hill says with a laugh. “And if it’s something that they did decide to do, I would welcome being a part of it.” Count Grammer in too. “Of course I would do that!” she tells us. “It was such an amazing experience for me. I learned so much doing Greek and I owe that to the fans, the people who have followed me for so long… It would be fun.”

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