TNT's New Dallas Teaser: No Shirts Required

Looks like things are going to get steamy on TNT’s new Dallas reboot, er, continuation.

A clever new teaser campaign features the core cast stripped down to nothing but fluffy white towels. The accompanying tagline — “They’re back, and no, you’re not dreaming” — pays clever tribute to the ’80s-era series’ memorable/zany revelation that its entire eighth season was nothing more than an extended dream sequence, a plot point that came to light  when Pam discovered the presumed-dead Bobby alive and well and in the shower in the Season 9 premiere.

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In addition to returning original series stars Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray — reprising their roles of J.R., Bobby and Sue Ellen, respectively — TNT’s Dallas features Jesse Metcalfe (Desperate Housewives) as Bobby and Pam’s son Christopher, Josh Henderson (Desperate Housewives) as J.R.’s son John Ross, and Jordana Brewster (Fast & Furious) as Elena Ramos, a ranch cook’s daughter who will be caught in a triangle with the aforementioned lads. Julie Gonzalo (Veronica Mars) plays Christopher’s fiancée, Rebecca, while Brenda Strong (Desperate Housewives) is Bobby Ewing’s new wife, Ann.

Pictured left to right are: (Back row) Gray, Hagman, Duffy, and Strong; (front row) Henderson, Brewster, Metcalfe, and Gonzalo.

What do you think of Dallas‘ new teaser campaign? Will you tune in for the June 13 premiere? Sound off in the comments!

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