Smash Preview: Derek Gets Sneaky With Karen

Tonight on Smash (NBC, 10/9c), Karen gets in bed with Derek — but not in the way that you think. And not entirely wittingly.

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This week’s episode, “The Coup,” revolves around the aftermath of the workshop staging of Marilyn: The Musical, which… could have gone better. Believing the production needs a shot in the arm, Derek — as the title suggests — recruits Karen to help him “steal” the musical from songwriters Tom and Julia.

To that end, and as seen in the promos, Derek asks Karen to perform a new song written by someone else, donning only a white sheet in true Marilyn fashion.

“It’s a bit sneaky with what Derek is trying to pull, even though he doesn’t think it is,” executive producer Neil Meron told TVLine at the GLAAD Media Awards, where he and Craig Zadan were honored for their work on Smash.

And even though Karen may suspect that what she’s getting into isn’t entirely above-board, “She’s kind of an innocent about it,” said Meron. Nonetheless, “Ivy is there to observe the whole thing.”

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As is, Ivy isn’t having the best week at all, fearing her days as a star are numbered in the wake of the workshop. But maybe that’s nothing that trading her dancing shoes for a pair of rented size 7s can’t fix? “Ivy is a little depressed,” says Phillip Spaeth, who plays her minion, chorus boy Dennis, “so the gang takes her out bowling — and there’s a fun number there!”

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