Supernatural Recap: An Emanuel to Redemption

Supernatural Misha Collins Jensen AcklesWARNING: If you have yet to watch Friday’s Supernatural, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, you may proceed….

Unable to sleep because of Lucifer’s constant taunting – seriously, how much fun does Mark Pellegrino seem to be having? – Sam finally cracked in this Friday’s Supernatural, and was locked up in the psych ward. The longest amount of time someone has gone without sleep is 11 days, Lucifer told him, and Sammy was getting really close to that number. Even scarier was the fact that Sam was resigned to his fate. Dean urged him to get angry, to fight back, but Sam just weakly replied, “I’m too tired.” (Being the good guy that he is, Sam still found the energy and time to help vanquish the angry ghost brother of a fellow patient.)

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So it was up to Dean to find a way to save Sam, and he got a big lead when a fallen notebook – thanks, Bobby? – brought him to a real deal healer, who just so happened to look like his old buddy Castiel. Some things to know about the new Cas: He goes by the name Emanuel. (Keeping things biblical, Emmanuel is of Hebrew origin and means “God is with us.”) He doesn’t remember who he used to be, which means he has no memories of all the bad, power-hungry things he did (“I don’t feel like a bad person,” he said to Dean). He’s married to the woman who took care of him after finding him coming out of the river naked and disoriented. But one thing that hasn’t changed, thank goodness: Emanuel has inherited Castiel’s inability to understand Dean’s jokes and his unintentionally hilarious, deadpan replies (“Is that a flirtation?”).

Dean decided not to tell Castiel the truth for fear that it might make him crack, too. After all, Cas didn’t “leave” on the best of terms. Plus, he needed him to heal Sam. And he was not the only one who wanted something. Word of Emanuel’s amazing healing abilities was getting around, but no one had put it all together yet, except for our old demon pal Meg Masters (not TVLine’s Meg Masters). In exchange for providing Dean with backup and keeping her mouth shut, he allowed her to tag along.

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But the secret came out when the trio arrived at the hospital and found a bunch of demons hanging around outside. As Dean and Meg talked, it dawned on Emanuel that he was the troubled friend that Dean mentioned in the car, the one whose actions Dean couldn’t shake. They informed him that he’s an angel, and the only way to get rid of the demons is to smite them. Busting out an old adage, Dean assured him he’d remember how to do it because it was just like riding a bike! As he took the baddies out, one by one, the memories came flooding back, all the good with the very bad.

“We didn’t part as friends,” Cas told Dean. “I deserve to die.”

But Dean countered that maybe he “walked out of the river to fix it” – starting with his brother. Then he gave Cas back his trench coat (all together now, “Awww!”).

Unfortunately, Sam was so far gone and the wall had crumbled so much, there was “nothing left to rebuild,” Cas realized. He decided to try one last option, apologizing to Sam for ever doing this to him in the first place, and healed him by transferring Lucifer’s mental torture onto himself. Sam walked out like nothing had ever happened, and a newly tormented Cas took up residence alone at the hospital – “We can’t protect him,” reasoned Dean – while Meg took on a new role as a nurse to keep an eye on the angel.

What did you think of Cas’ sacrifice? Did it redeem him? And what’s Meg up to? Sound off below!

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