Switched at Birth Finale Preview: Secrets Spilled, Bombshells Dropped... Relationships Ended?

Switched at BirthDid you think Emmett cheating on Bay with Simone was the only secret set to explode on Tuesday’s spring finale of Switched at Birth (ABC Family, 8/7c)? Guess again! The prom-set episode is full of shocking twists, and everybody’s hiding something. Below, TVLine breaks down the biggest questions heading into the episode with a little help from executive producer Lizzy Weiss.

WILL BAY LEARN THE TRUTH ABOUT EMMETT AND SIMONE? | Short answer: Yes, and how! “Obviously, it has a huge impact when Bay discovers it, which she will in the finale,” previews Weiss, adding that “all couples go through challenges, but… it’s not a good thing what he did [with Simone].” The pair have been through no shortage of obstacles this season – communication issues, his parents’ divorce, Ty – but Wiess maintains that “there is hope for them.” It just won’t be any easy road. “A lot of fans think Bay and Emmett have true love, and sometimes true love goes through challenges,” she continues. “Maybe they don’t have true love? We’ll have to put them through more challenges and see what happens.”

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ARE WILKE AND DAPHNE MEANT TO LAST? | While the the twosome remain casual and playful, “Daphne has grown increasingly more and more serious about Wilke,” says Weiss. But they’re about to be thrown for a loop. “Wilke has a surprise, as well, that’s going to be revealed” in Tuesday’s episode.

WHAT’S GOING ON WITH ANGELO? | Get ready for another shocker… Bay’s biological pops is back, and his return brings “a big twist story point…in our final scene that I think the fans will be surprised by,” teases Weiss. The reveal will have huge “ramifications” when the show returns in the fall. Speaking of the new season, prepare for a time jump as the story will pick up with the new school year. “The Kennishes and the Vasquezes will have had a whole summer away that we will have not been part of,” reveals the EP. “Things have happened over the summer.” Like what exactly? For one, “we’ll deal with the Bay and Emmett fallout,” she says.

ARE KATHRYN AND JOHN ON THE BRINK OF DIVORCE? | Could all the fights, suspicions of adultery, and Kathryn flirting with their lawyer put a dent in the what appeared to be a rock-solid marriage? “There are developments with the Kennish marriage,” is all Weiss will say.

(Reporting by Matt Mitovich)

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