In Plain Sight's Final Season: Mary's Bad Dad, Marshall in Drag and 3 More Things to Know

USA Network’s In Plain Sight is launching its final season tonight at 10/9c, with the first of the procedural’s last eight episodes. And as if there wasn’t already a lot of ground to cover during this send-off salvo – including but not limited to Mary’s new “job” as mom, and whatever more-than-professional feelings may exist between her and Marshall – Season 5 will also introduce us to Mary’s long-MIA father as well as serve up other twists.

Here are five themes to be on the lookout for as U.S. Marshals Mary Shannon and Marshall Mann set their sights on their final adventures, as revealed by series leads Mary McCormack and Frederick Weller.

NOT-SO-HEAVENLY FATHER | Around midseason, Mary will at long last come face to face again with Jim Shannon, to be played by Terra Nova‘s Stephen Lang. “We’re going to deal with one of the big stories of the series — the relationship between Mary and her father,” said McCormack, who has been excited to dive into the dicey dynamic. “This is a guy who left when she was 7, and [his absence] had a huge influence on the person she is.” The actress is mum on the specifics of how Dad enters the picture, but she does note that since he was a fugitive, “It’s a pretty big deal…. It’s not an easy reconciliation. You get a real sense of just how much damage [his leaving] did to her, and how much she really wishes it had been different.”

OH, MOTHER | Prior to tackling her daddy issues, Mary will have plenty of time to adjust up to her new role as a parent – whole her own newly sober mom hints at making tracks. “There are lots of things going on in her life,” said McCormack. Adding in Marshall’s growing closeness with Abigail (played by Rachel Boston), “Everyone seems to be moving out of her life.” But will the stress of motherhood make Mary even crankier at the workplace? “Oh, she’s already pretty maxed out on the grouchiness,” Weller noted.

WHAT A DRAG! | For what we can only assume is an undercover assignment of sorts, Weller makes like a woman in one episode – “and that’s a hard memory for me to shake, as much as I’d like to,” McCormack admitted to her scene partner. “It was shocking, because Fred, I think you’re handsome. And it just does not translate. You are not pretty.” Weller concurred, saying that as a woman, “Really, I’m homely.”

ROMANCES ‘MESSY’ AND MISMATCHED | Weller said the evolution of Marshall and Abigail’s relationship is “so stressful” for his alter ego. “I mean, he’s in a serious relationship with this girl, and then he’s working with this person that he knows he’s got feelings for.  
     Mary, for her part, will cross paths with former fiancé Raph (played by Cristian de la Fuente) as well as field some flirtation from Cougar Town‘s Josh Hopkins. “Josh plays this guy who I meet in a coffee shop and sort of share a sense of humor with,” McCormack shared. “He certainly does his best [to woo Mary].” Not to be left out, Stan (Paul Ben-Victor) will land a leggy lady friend, played by Wayne’s World hottie Tia Carrere. Wait, what? “We’re going to be all a-titter about it,” Weller said of the hot new topic in office gossip.

OUTTA SIGHT | As one can imagine, just by the above summary of scoops, “There’s a lot of stuff going on” during the USA series’ swan song, McCormack noted. “I mean, I think these eight episodes are some of our best.” But when it comes time to shoot the very last scenes, the actress admits, “I imagine the end is going to hit us hard, because I don’t think that this relationship that Fred and I have happens a lot. I mean I’ve been making television for a thousand years — I’m as old as the hills — and I’ve never worked with anyone that I just work with so easily.”

Will you be tuning in for In Plain Sight‘s final run?

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