Survivor: One World: Too Soon for Buff-Dropping? Take Our Poll!

colton survivorThis just in: Survivor: One World is now Survivor: Greek Gods Vs. Peasants.

Yep, with 14 players left in the game, Probst gave the old “drop your buffs” signal, randomly mixed up the men’s and women’s tribes, and changed the face of the season as we know it. The headline news from the episode:

* That little puke Colton, quickly adopting a deafeatist attitude, compared the super-fit new Salani tribe (Michael, Sabrina, Jay, Kim, Troyzan, Chelsea, and Kat) to his ragtag team and declared it a case of “Greek gods vs. peasants.” Way to fire up your tribe, dude!

* Kim cozied up to Jay and Troy — keeping her voting options open and admitting that she “couldn’t be having more fun” doing it. I’m kinda digging Kim, if I’m being honest.

* Colton somehow convinced Alicia to join him in voting off Monica, then Christina — giving up the power of a “three gals and a gay” numbers advantage and opting for a tenuous alliance with a guy who’s shown very little trustworthiness and an absence of long-term strategy (see last week’s immuity default).

* “I just found the immunity idol, and it’s in my crotch.” –Kim to Chelsea (How come none of these folks ever wear baggy shorts or sweats or cargo pants anymore?)

* Tarzan in a bikini again (not cool, CBS!)

* Salani narrowly won the reward challenge (and the right to stay on the existing One World beach), then dominated in a immunity challenge where Michael & Co. used brute force and height in a game of water basketball.

* Tarzan revealed he has nominal aphasia, a condition that makes it very difficult for him to remember people’s names. Or, as Colton so “charmingly” put it, “He could write down ‘Ginny’ for all we know.” But nope, Tarzan (and everyone else on the new Manono except Christina) voted for Monica. Blindside!

So here’s my question to you: Was it too early in the season for a tribemates scramble? I was just starting to enjoy the whole “men vs. women” aspect of the game — and things were dead even, too. I kind of wish the show’s producers had let the gender war play out for another five or six weeks — then just go to a simple merge — before putting the kibosh on the One World concept. What think you? Take our poll below!

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