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Question: You got anything good from Grey’s Anatomy on Meredith and Derek? —Jessica
Ausiello: Would you settle for something bad? Derek’s efforts to encourage a hesitant Meredith to work with him again in neurology will backfire. “It doesn’t go so well,” reveals series creator Shonda Rhimes. “I’ve been very clear — and the writers and I have had long conversations about this — that part of saving their relationship, they decided, meant they shouldn’t be working together again. And Meredith knows that, very fully. Plus, she’s really enjoying her life in general surgery. It’s Derek who has [yet] to come to terms with that fact. But he loves her and he enjoys working with her — most of the time, when she isn’t ruining clinical trials. He really enjoyed working with her, and it’s hard [for him] to think, ‘Well, that’s not going to happen again.'”

Question: I am tired of seeing David Clarke on Revenge. He annoys the hell out of me! Please tell me when he is gone from the show. —C.C
Ausiello: Conrad, is that you? I’m afraid I have some bad news. Not only will Emily’s dead pa continue to be a regular presence in flashbacks, but the upcoming episode set in 1991 will chronicle the early days of his relationship to Victoria. The big surprise? The Grayson matriarch wasn’t always such an ice queen. “Over time, she’s become a little bit more [hardened],” portrayer Madeleine Stowe tells TVLine. “Early on, you might see something that’s a little more playful, a little more fun.” The origin-heavy hour will also jump ahead to 2002 to show the “tough and rough” dynamic between fresh-out-of-juvie Emily and frenemy Nolan, previews Emily VanCamp, who adds, “We also have almost all of the take-down characters [return]. It’s really cool. It’s a great episode.”

Question: Please grace us with any scoop you have on Revenge. —Brandi
Ausiello: Fun fact: There’s a good reason Jack is holding on to that blood-soaked hoodie of his instead of lighting a match to it. “I might need it later,” hints Nick Wechsler in character. “If I need to get [Amanda] out of trouble, I might want it because I need to prove that I was there.” Meanwhile, don’t expect the bartender to swoop in and steal Emily while Daniel’s off doing time in the pokey. “He’s a good enough guy that he’s not wishing ill on [Daniel],” muses the actor. “He feels bad for him.” But, he adds, there “might be an [opportunity] now” in Daniel’s absence for a “a slightly lingering hug” between the childhood sweethearts.

Question: Any scoop on The Vampire Diaries? —Anna
Ausiello: No shocker here: Alaric is alive when the show returns this Thursday, but Meredith isn’t done messing with him. The mysterious doc makes a pretty compelling case to Elena that she may not know her “guardian” as well as she thinks she does.

Question: If I tell you that I’ve been following you since 2006, will you give me some Southland scoop? —Mooski
Ausiello: Yes, but I’m going to have my fact-checkers vet your claim. If you’re lying, I will Kerkovich the scoop from your mind. On tonight’s Southland, things get very bad — like dangerous, bloody bad — for Ben and Sammy. When TVLine visited the show on location last month, they were filming a dicey stunt sequence involving their patrol car and another automobile. “Ben goes too far on this particular case,” explains Shawn Hatosy. “There’s some fallout. We’re running from somebody who’s coming after us.” Things aren’t much better on the relationship front for the partners. “Our trust is broken,” he says. “The honeymoon is a little bit over. We have to figure out how to proceed.”

Question: I heard that the last two Hart of Dixie episodes of the season could be major for the Zoe/Wade/George triangle. Can you confirm and shed some more light on to which way this will go? —Ali
Ausiello: Here’s my carefully worded response to what is proving to be a very popular question here at Ask Ausiello headquarters: Zoe is going to have a lot to mull over this summer given what’s about to go down in her relationships with both guys.

Question: Can you please, please, please share some Smash scoop with us? —Bill
Ausiello: Someone (a very important someone) gets fired from Marilyn: The Musical in next week’s episode, but it remains unclear if the pink slip will stick. In other news, my dream scenario that has Julia pushing Ellis in front of a fast-charging subway has yet to play out on screen. Maybe producers are saving that crowd-pleasing twist for sweeps.

Question: Can you tell me anything — anything — about Castle? —Cat
Ausiello: An April episode will address a lingering Beckett-Lanie mystery. “A lot of people were questioning why Kate never called Lanie when she got out of the hospital [after being shot],” notes Tamala Jones. “In Episode 20, ‘The Limey,’ you’re going to see that reason why and a whole lot more for those two ladies. We finally get some girl time between the two! There’s a lot of confessions going on. I think what the audience has been waiting to hear Kate say – mainly to Castle – she’s [sharing with] me. ‘The Limey’ is really setting the tone for the season finale.”

Question: My birthday’s coming up this week and so I thought I’d ask for a birthday-scoop on Parks and Recreation. Any chance Ben and Leslie will be moving in together anytime soon? –Anne
Ausiello: Yes, but I’m going to have my fact-checkers vet your birthday claim. If you’re lying, I will Kerkovich the scoop from your mind and replace it with a Smash spoiler about Ellis. Regarding Ben and Les, exec producer Mike Schur neither confirmed nor denied that the lovebirds will shack up by season’s end when we caught up with him at PaleyFest 2012 last week. He did reveal that there’s trouble ahead though. “The campaign puts a little bit of a strain on their relationship, but not in a, ‘We’re gonna breakup’ kinda way,” he said. “We kept talking about if, realistically, we could cause tension between them, but then it was like, ‘Come on — look at them. They love each other too much.’ There are obviously consequences for the end of the year — regardless of whether Leslie wins or loses, there are huge ramifications for their relationship and that is something we’ll see.”

Question: Was Shane’s death on The Walking Dead the subject of this blind item from Dec. 26? —Rachael
Ausiello: Yes! And while we’re on the subject of unsolved blind items, ‘memba the one about the popular couple finally making time for the sex?! Well… I’ll get around to revealing that one at some point, too.

Question: Please tell me we haven’t seen the last of Shane on The Walking Dead. Maybe he’ll pop up in a flashback in the finale? —Graham
Ausiello: The good news: Shane will be back in the finale and all of next season. The bad news: I meant that figuratively. “Shane isn’t on the show any more but his presence is going to be felt throughout the third season and beyond,” reveals exec producer Robert Kirkman. “This is a very important character to the series. He’s almost more important to the show in death than he was in life.”

Question: I have a bad feeling that Zombie Otis will be taking part in the Walker stampede in Sunday’s Walking Dead finale. I’m right, aren’t I? —Jamie
Ausiello: Actually, you’re wrong. As Kirkman points out, “Otis, geographically, is pretty far away from [the farm] right now. And he was probably completely eaten.” A moment of silence for Otis.

Question: Any fresh intel on the setting of American Horror Story‘s second season? —Jake
Ausiello: The mental institution theory is gaining momentum, particularly in light of this little piece of news.

Question: I don’t think I can wait all the way until Thursday to get the Community scoop! Anything Jeff and Britta related?? Thanks! —Erin
Ausiello: This Thursday’s return is actually heavily weighted toward Jeff and Britta. Basically, Shirley’s wedding brings out the absolute worst in the anti-marriage zealots. (Hint: They consider doing something that would undermine the institution in ways Kim Kardashian could only dream of.)

Question: Any scoop about the Bones season finale — specifically the cryptic-sounding cliffhanger? —Izabella
Ausiello: How about the episode’s cryptic-sounding title? Sources confirm to me exclusively that the season-ender is called, “The Bite in the Beast.” Interpret away in the comments!

Question: You did a great job moderating that slightly wild Bones session at PaleyFest 2012. Did you uncover any scoop that didn’t come out during the panel? —Alicia
Ausiello: Yes! Prior to the event, Michaela Conlin revealed that a new guy will soon shake things up for Angela, who’s feeling “a little bit of distance” between the free spirit she used to be and her new mommy and wife persona. “An artist type comes into the lab,” she previews, “and brings up some things for her.” But fear not, he won’t get in the way of Angela and Hodgins’ happy ending. “It’s not marriage issues,” she assures us. “It’s really just identity issues more so for Angela.”

Question: Any information about what might take place next week on The Good Wife between Diane, Kurt and Jack? —Nikki
Ausiello: If you’re hoping to see the two men come to blows over Christine Baranski’s workahalter-ego, look elsewhere. I hear the story is more about Diane playing the field and having some fun. Lord knows the woman deserves it.

Question: Please help us get through our Grimm hiatus with some scoop about what is coming up. —Stacie
Ausiello: I have it on good authority that the season finale will feature not one but two spectacular cliffhangers. In more timely news, next time we see poor Juliette she’ll be taking matters into her own hands — literally (view photographic evidence).

Question: I’m probably asking too much but could you maybe tell me if Shelby will back on Glee? She mysteriously disappeared and didn’t even show up to Finchel’s wedding, which was weird. —Anastasia
Ausiello: No sign of her for the foreseeable future, I’m afraid. Actually, scratch that — I’m not the least bit afraid. Good riddance, I say. I was never a fan of that character.

Question: Ringer addict here. How long before Andrew finds out that Juliet was never raped and it was all a scheme cooked up by her and Catherine? —Mandy
Ausiello: It sounds like he’ll learn a piece of the truth. “He’ll certainly come into knowledge about his daughter’s involvement in this duplicitousness,” reveals Andrew’s alter ego, Ioan Gruffudd. “But as for the mom being the mastermind of the whole thing, that’s something we may not necessarily wrap up.”

Question: The latest Shameless promo suggested some pretty crazy stuff will be going down in the last three episodes. Any hints? —Tracy
Ausiello: Forget the last three episodes. A ton of crazy stuff goes down this Sunday alone, and that includes an accident, an imprisonment, a wild goose chase and a shocking reveal. Not enough? Prepare yourself for two drastically different family dinners and one of the more graphic TV births in recent memory.

Question: The Mad Men premiere is a little over a week away — please reward us steadfast and loyal fans with a spoilers! —Rachel
Ausiello: Hmm… what can I say without incurring the wrath of Weiner. Oh, here’s something: Don name-checks two iconic television characters within the first 15 minutes. And both Joan and Peggy utter the same four-letter expletive at different points in the two-hour opener. And the show is still set on the planet Earth!

Question: Any 90210 scoopage? —Joy
Ausiello: The show snagged its first mention in TVLine’s 2012 May Sweeps Scorecard, and that’s bad news for [SPOILER].

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