Once Upon a Time: Watch the Full, Scoop-Filled PaleyFest Panel Here!

For those Once Upon a Time fans who couldn’t make it to Beverly Hills last week to attend the freshman drama’s PaleyFest panel discussion, Hulu has conjured up a special treat: You can watch the full hour-long Q&A right here.

Already TVLine hit you with a recap of the event’s most magically delicious scoops, but by pressing PLAY below you can see the cast and creators expound on those as well as many other topics. Plus, you can weigh in on the new Chuck Taylors I wore as moderator (since you can’t get a clear view of my nifty, rare “Find Flight 815” T-shirt).

As an added bonus, I’ve listed below the player a “laundry list” of what is discussed and at the time stamp where you can find it. Enjoy!

0:00 Introductions
2:45 Hidden Lost nuggets and other “Easter eggs”
4:30 Ratings/the challenge of producing Once Upon a Time
7:00 Robert Carlyle on how he created Rumpelstiltskin (hint: his son played a role)
9:00 Getting clarification on the show’s “rule book”
11:30 Jennifer Morrison on Emma (someday) believing Henry
13:00 Ginnifer Goodwin on why the Mary Margaret/David kiss didn’t affect the curse
14:15 Lana Parrilla on the Evil Queen’s wardrobe, making Regina a rich character
16:40 Josh Dallas smiling on cue, then discussing the obstacles ahead for David and Mary Margaret
18:00 Ginner Goodwin on playing a princess on-screen and off
19:45 Raphael Sbarge, Josh Dallas and Robert Carlyle on Archie’s two new patients, the return of Jiminy Cricket
23:00 Series creators Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz on Regina and Mr. Gold knowing each other’s secrets
25:00 “What did Snow White do to make the Evil Queen so, so angry?”
26:40 Secrets behind the show’s special effects
29:45 Talking Barbara Hershey as Evil Queen’s mother (Parrilla wanted “a Beaches moment”), Pinnochio’s whereabouts, the plan for The Little Mermaid
32:00 How the Vancouver weather has affected production — for better or for worse
35:00 “Will Jamie Dornan (Graham/The Huntsman) be seen again?”
35:50 “Fashion questions” relating to Emma, Mary Margaret and… Rumpel’s fingernail polish!
38:50 “If the actors could play any other character, who would they choose?”
40:30 Audience questions about playing dual roles… Storybrooke’s time stoppage… dwarfs being hatched from eggs (?!)… Josh Dallas replacing Justin Bieber on one girl’s playlist (49:20)… Malificent’s return… favorite scenes (54:00)… and Morrison getting to kiss “one of the hottest men.”

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