White Collar Makes Tracks for Sunny [Spoiler] in Season 4 - Plus, Who's Hunting Neal?

As if USA Network’s White Collar couldn’t get any hotter, given last week’s game-changing finale, just wait until the Season 4 premiere moves the action to sunny, lush Puerto Rico.

TVLine has learned that production on new episodes starts Monday in the commonwealth, which will be “posing as” a yet-to-be-determined remote locale.

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The location shoot makes sense given 1) on-the-lam Neal boarding a plane at Season 3’s end, and 2) series creator Jeff Eastin telling us that the Season 4 opener “won’t take place on American soil,” but rather at the idyllic island where Neal now hangs his fedora.

Alas, it won’t be all umbrella drinks and sun-baked babes for the charming con and his best bud Mozzie. As the Inside Line told you last week, the federal government’s No. 1 manhunter is on Neal’s trail, and he will be played in the first two episodes by Mekhi Phifer (Lie to Me), EW.com reports.

EW.com also says that character actor Gregg Henry (NCIS: LA, Gilmore Girls) will take part in the opening episodes, playing a wealthy and mysterious local who will help Neal and Mozz lay low.