Once Upon a Time First Look: The Tale of Red Riding Hood Goes to a 'Dark Place'

ABC’s Once Upon a Time is going to the dark, scary woods this Sunday at 8/7c, to tell the story of Red Riding Hood — and we’ve got a sneak peek at the revealing (and bloody!) hour.

Like most of the heroines in the fairytale world, Red is hopelessly in love. Alas, she and her blacksmith beau can’t run away together because Red is trapped in Granny’s house by the Big Bad Wolf.

With a murderous beast on a killing spree, the episode is “going to get to a dark place,” executive producer Eddy Kitsis previews. What’s more, fellow EP Adam Horowitz promises that “we’ll learn who the Big Bad Wolf is.”

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Meanwhile, after being recently released by the Huntsman, Snow White meets cute with Red, who helps the the fair-skinned beauty become the successful bandit we saw earlier this season. “There’s a scene where Red teaches her how to track,” reveals Kitsis.

Also adding to the episode’s darkness is the situation surrounding Kathryn’s disappearance. “We’re going to learn some interesting stuff” on that front, teases Kitsis.

Check out the videos below and then hit the comments with your thoughts and theories on the identity of the Big Bad Wolf.

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