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Who on NCIS is the “best”? Is a stranger truly hot for Once Upon a Time‘s Emma? Is a Smash romance about to hit a sour note? Read on for those scoops plus other teases from TV’s hottest shows.

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NCIS | Whether vows are actually exchanged this season remains to be seen, but Jimmy Palmer is heading for a wedding, and according to Brian Dietzen that means “a big question” needs to be answered. “Is Katherine Heigl planning it, or J.Lo?” Michael Weatherly interrupts. “Or, is Breena pregnant?!” (Wrong on both counts, buddy.) No, the matter at hand is choosing a best man, says Dietzen. “Do I try and get my mentor, in Ducky? Do I go for the class clown/cool kid in Tony? Do I go with the guy I have most in common with, McGee? Because we’re both, let’s be honest, somewhat nerdy. Or do I go with my dream pick, Gibbs? I mean, who doesn’t want that guy by his side?” Watch for Jimmy to make his choice in an April episode. Now as for the bachelor party, I ran by Dietzen Weatherly’s possi-spoiler that Abby and Ziva will be in charge of the fete. “If that’s the case, it’d probably be a bit more crazy!” he reckoned. “I think Tony would go straight down the middle with a frat boy type of party.”

Once Upon a Time | Securing scoop from the show bosses on the Stranger aka August W. Booth, they’re especially elusive. Heck, they wont even say if he’s genuinely crushing on Emma. “He seems to be operating on an agenda,” notes EP Eddy Kitsis, “so the interesting thing is to ask is whether those feelings are real or not.” Kitsis will confirm this much, though – August did in fact add pages to Henry’s storybook, “for a very, very specific reason.” (And I myself will offer this one piece of intel regarding August’s trustworthiness: In the diner scene of this Sunday’s episode, pay close attention to the lemurs.) Speaking of new men in Emma’s life, EP Steve Pearlman says the March 25 episode featuring the Mad Hatter (played by Gossip Girl‘s Sebastian Stan) “is quite a big one for Emma. She comes into contact with a new character in Storybrooke who starts her onto a bit of a different journey. And by the end of the season, we will get Emma to a place where she has to make some decisions about her future.”

Watch a tiny excerpt from the Once Upon a Time PaleyFest panel, moderated by, well, me:

White Collar | TVLine reader Julie emailed me, concerned that the scoop from last week’s Inside Line – about the casting of a pretty café owner who cozies up to on-the-lam Neal in whatever tropical locale he’s now hanging his fedora – means things are kaput for him and Sara. “It seemed pretty obvious that something was starting to brew between them again,” Julie writes. “Do you know if Hilarie Burton will continue to be a series regular in Season 4?” Well, series boss Jeff Eastin acknowledges that with Neal and his ex now separated by, at the very least, geography, “They are not in a good place.” That said, sources tell me Hilarie Burton likely will continue as a series regular, while Eastin himself says the status of Neal/Sara “is something we explore in Season 4.”

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Breakout Kings | Some advice for Damien Fontleroy (played by Jason Behr): Keep looking over your shoulder, especially expecting to find Erica Reed gunnin’ for you! As Serinda Swan notes, seeing team leader Charlie gunned down by the escaped serial killer “was really rough for Erica, because that’s another person she really cared about.” But as the saying goes, payback is – and can be exacted by – a bitch. “Erica’s not the most understanding or forgiving person,” Swan says with a laugh, “so you’ll see a lot of torment for her — and you’ll see [the Kings] fight to avenge and honor that death.” When might the gang next cross paths with said prey? “We do see Damien again,” a rep for the A&E drama confirms, “though it may not be as soon as the team would like!”

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Smash | Is it just us or, lusty town car assignation aside, are things threatening to get a bit shaky between Karen and live-in beau Dev? After all, for how long can they withstand late-night rehearsals and comely journos? According to Katharine McPhee, that heretofore rock-steady romance will really be put to the test in a few more weeks. “[In Episode 10] it’s just starting to cause a little bit of drama between us,” the actress-singer shared. “I can’t say why and how, but yes, there’s definitely go to be trouble in paradise!”

Good Wife Sneak Peek: Matthew Perry Makes His Debut, and Kalinda’s [Spoiler] Returns!

The Good Wife | As seen in last week’s episode, furloughed Will isn’t about to have his sisters set him up on a date — and certainly not one with Kalinda (whom they mistook to be the coworker that raises his spirits). But as TVLine first reported, sassy sportswriter Tammy will resurface on March 18, so might there be a reunion of sorts there, if not a hook-up for old time’s sake? Josh Charles measured his words carefully when I asked about Elizabeth Reaser’s encore. “I can’t really say a helluva lot about it, but it was certainly nice to have her back,” he allowed. When pressed for a sliver more scoop, he explained, “I’m not trying to sound coy, but… you get a sense that things aren’t ever really resolved [between them]. There’s some stuff still lingering in the air.”

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