Did Revenge Misfire? Which Waitress Is Raciest? Does Raylan Need a Hug? And More Questions!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, here are some queries we are going to throw at you, from shows including Once Upon a Time, 2 Broke Girls, Cougar Town, Revenge and The Big Bang Theory!

1 |  Damiano’s really “delivered” on Fringe, yes?

2 | Who else thinks Spider-Man should steal some moves from Grimm‘s Black Widow?

3 | Whose waitress uniform do you suspect earns them the most inordinate amount of tips — Ruby’s on Once Upon a Time or Caroline’s on 2 Broke Girls?

4 | What was more disturbing about the Grammys: Lady Gaga’s mask or these Twitter reactions to Chris Brown’s performance? Do we want to live in a world where a Grammycast gives more airtime to a lip-syncing Chris Brown than to honoring Whitney Houston?

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5 | Shameless‘ Steve waltzes back into town with a new (albeit fake) Brazilian wife, pays off Tony and is seemingly on the road to win Fiona back…? Doesn’t that see a little too easy? However — and we’re not Frank fans by any means! — how sweet was that closing father-daughter moment?

6 | Is Pan Am dipping into the horror-thriller genre on purpose? A creepy 12-year-old sneaks into Colette’s room and watches her sleep? Crazy Ginny stalks Dean to Rome, then smashes her head into a window when he doesn’t want her back?

7 | How did 2 Broke Girls get away with an extended 8:30 pm conversation about Oleg being able to make Sophie come “clean his apartment”?

8 | Is Debra Messing’s son on Smash for real? What teenage boy wants a little sister?

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9 | Have you ever felt sadder for House‘s Chase? (And are you glad you got that prolonged shirtless scene before the show went off the air?)

10 | Can we replace Hart of Dixie‘s Lemon with her alter-ego “Roxie” for the remainder of the season?

11 | Is there any possible way Emmy voters can deny Courteney Cox a nomination after that hilarious/beautiful Cougar Town engagement scene?

12 | Similarly, the last two weeks of Southland certainly solidified Regina King and Michael Cudlitz’s Emmy-worthiness, but didn’t it also make you wonder why the show itself is never a serious part of the Emmy conversation?

13 | Did we miss the Ringer scene where Siobhan walked through, what, a pile of flour before leaving those distinct footprints inside a carpeted office closet? And who caught the show’s nods to two past Sarah Michelle Gellar gigs — Cruel Intentions and Buffy?

14 | Wasn’t it rather obvious from the get-go that Kurt’s secret admirer on Glee would turn out to be Karofsky? P.S. Did anyone else hear Sam drop the word “Trouty” into his rap?

15 | Parenthood fans, are we ready to declare Julia’s bratty, ungrateful surrogate Zoe the most insufferable character on TV?

16 | Who wants to give Justified‘s Raylan Givens a big hug right now?

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17 | Has Casey Abrams face been in the Idol opening credits all season and we failed to notice it? Or was it just added this week?

18 | Did Revenge chicken out by not killing Daniel — as the pilot implied would happen — and offing Tyler instead? Also, no explanation for Fauxmanda’s bleeding on the boat? Did one of Tyler’s shots hit her and we missed it?

19 | Did Survivor: One World producers accidentally swap casts with fellow CBS reality staple Big Brother? These people are horrendous!

20 | Penny’s immediate reaction to Amy’s big ol’ gift on Big Bang Theory: Some of Kaley Cuoco’s best comedic work ever?

21 | Morena Baccarin on The Mentalist: More, please?

22 | Why do we have zero tolerance for that Trump guy’s endless political blathering, yet 30 Rock‘s mere hint of “NYC Mayor Jack Donaghy” aka The Tuxedo gives us goosebumps?

23 | Did anyone else focus on Parks and Recreation‘s Ben freaking out about cops in the background during Leslie’s talking heads? And while we’re obviously Team Ben, couldn’t Louis C.K.’s doofy Dave somehow be part of the series on a more regular basis?

24 | How awesome was The Office‘s Jim and Stanley’s bromance? But why is the show trying to make Jim and Kathy (!) happen? One, it’s not funny. Two, Jim would never cheat on Pam — even with his sudden desire to emulate philandering Stanley.

25 | Anyone else surprised that Chelsea Handler didn’t just start humping Lenny Kravitz during her sexually-charged interview with the singer on Thursday’s Chelsea Lately?

26 | Who would’ve thought that the most poignant Whitney Houston remembrance would be delivered by Wendy Williams?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!