Revenge Recap: Relive the Killer Fire & Ice Ball, Plus Scoop on What Follows that Big [Spoiler]!

[Warning: If you have yet to watch Wednesday’s Revenge, avert your eyes now! Everyone else, read on…]

Now, that’s how you do a murder mystery.

Wednesday night’s Revenge finally brought viewers back to the Fire & Ice Ball, the fateful night that kicked off the addicting ABC series and seemingly found Daniel shot outside the party. But did the eldest Grayson offspring really meet his maker? And if so, who pulled the trigger?

Here, we break down what went down in Revenge‘s hotly-anticipated “Chaos,” and reveal what’s ahead for those still alive and well-ish in the Hamptons.

THE BIG REVEAL? | Color us devastated shocked when in the first few moments of the episode — with Emily Thorne’s signature voiceover lingering in the background — Daniel Grayson, the man we’d all hoped and prayed was not actually the body from the pilot, was shown toppling forward in slow-motion and hitting the sandy floor… face first! Of course, that was just a glimpse of what lied ahead in the hour, and thus the installment officially commenced…

INFINITY BOX BANDIT | The episode wasted no time unveiling who was behind the theft of Emily’s box o’ revenge, and it was not the obvious choice, Amanda. The sick and twisted Tyler — who was last seen being carted off to the loony bin — was the culprit, and in true psycho form he wasted no time educating himself on each and every one of Em’s secrets. He had also taken Amanda hostage as another form of leverage over his enemy, and, ever the gentleman, took it upon himself to fill her in on Emily’s actual motives — further alienating the onetime juvie pals. Upon contacting Emily, Tyler made his demands known: tons of money in exchange for his silence and Amanda’s freedom.

FAUXMANDA FTW! | Miffed by what she’d learned about her so-called “sister,” Amanda teamed up with Tyler to take Emily down a peg (or 10!), and ambushed her pal during their ransom swap. The two got away scot-free, but Tyler continued his reign of terror and insisted Amanda crash the Fire & Ice Ball with him. The plan: Kill Daniel, frame Emily. But homegirl quickly realized that she wasn’t up for a murder — Em, after all, had saved her from being pinched for Frank’s murder — and successfully escaped her captor.

SETTING SAIL | Jack decided to leave the Hamptons for an opportunity to do some good in Haiti — a trip secretly arranged by Em to get him out of town safely. But just as he was about to set sail, Amanda showed up. She begged him to take her back, and, while he did agree to give her another shot, he confirmed that Em was actually a cheerleader for their relationship, not the manipulator Tyler made her out to be. After giving him a long kiss goodbye, Amanda (bleeding?) once again bailed on her man to save Em.

SHADES OF GRAYSON | Daniel found himself sickened by his family’s drama and made a unilateral decision to escape to Paris with Emily following the ball. Queen Victoria quickly caught wind of the plan and planted seeds of doubt in her son’s head, telling him that Emily will decline his offer because it would mean losing out on the chance to inherit the clout that comes with the Grayson name. And, unfortunately, Emily did burst her fiancé’s travel-abroad bubble (though we know the real reason was so she could continue to exact her revenge). Daniel was understandably distraught by her choice and took a walk — alone — on the beach, setting the scene rather nicely for a murder.

SANDY SHOWDOWN | With the aforementioned scene set, Tyler arrived and held Daniel at gunpoint while revealing to him some of Emily’s secrets — and by that, we mean he still had his grubby little mitts on Em’s red X-covered Grayson Global photo and was waving it about frivolously.

MAYBE MURDER | In hot pursuit of Amanda, Jack hauled butt to the beach, only to find his honey hunched over what looked to be a dead body. So, he sent her away and attempted to cover it up, officially bringing us back to the same scene in the Revenge pilot.

SAVED BY THE SENSEI? | Emily’s adviser Takeda returned at a most opportune time — with Em’s secret-keeping box in tact — and seemingly joined forces with her right-hand man, Nolan, in an attempt to take down both Tyler and Amanda. It’s unclear what actions he took to save his mentee, but in the end he drove away with Amanda by his side. Might he have gotten rid of Em’s onetime cohort for good?

THE BIG REVEAL! | As was shown in Revenge‘s premiere, Charlotte and Declan happened upon a body on the beach while Jack was in the midst of moving it, and they for some reason assumed it was a dead Daniel. But lo and behold — dun, dun, dun! — the body (dead or alive) belonged to Tyler. A stunned and bloodied Daniel soon joined the congregated partiers, but not before Mama Victoria embraced him and eerily warned, “Don’t say a word.” Oh, and then there’s the matter of the mysterious hand that plucked the X-ed photo from Tyler’s lifeless body….

AND EVERYTHING ELSE | Charlotte, clearly in a state of emotional turmoil, swiped some of Jack’s highly-addictive pain pills and began to take them at the ball…. Victoria agreed to Conrad’s divorce terms (she gets the manor, but zero shares of Grayson Global), only to reveal to the audience that she still has revenge on the mind in the form of a call to the SEC about some (alleged?) illegal affairs going on in the family business… Grandpa Grayson proved a worthy schemer himself when, upon learning that Charlotte was going to speak to a therapist about their family woes, he blackmailed his granddaughter into keeping quiet in exchange for her boyfriend Declan’s acceptance into private school.


• “This is all really the lead-off to the series,” a contagiously enthusiastic Gabriel Mann tells TVLine of this week’s big murder reveal. “Now we can really start to have fun — and not that we weren’t before, but [Revenge] has taken on a different kind of depth for all of us.” Mann adds that while showrunner Mike Kelley “wanted to deliver on his promise to have answers” in Episode 15, what we got “really just cracked the egg shell.”

• Contrary to what you might have heard, Tyler’s murder mystery is not the main arc for the rest of the season. “What we see [at the end of ‘Chaos’] only continues to unfold over the next couple episodes,” Mann reveals. “And then we jump back into this wider world that has actually been happening and led to this summer.”

• As for what went down between Nolan and Takeda, Mann teases, “There might have been a knowing look between the two. I would say that some of the things that people pick up on in this episode will raise some new bombs down the road.”

• Christa B. Allen says the pill-popping is “just the beginning of a downward spiral for Charlotte. She definitely has to look to Declan for support, and the future of their relationship depends on how he responds.”

• When it comes to Emily and Charlotte’s major sibling secret, Allen teases, “It’s got to come out at some point! Right now someone just died, so they’ve got to figure out the ‘whodunit,’ and once that’s all out of the way and the storm settles a bit, they can get down to brass tacks and find out who is related to whom.”

What did you think of Revenge‘s big episode? Are you happy Daniel lived to see another day? Who do you think pulled the trigger? Hit the comments!