House Swan Song Scoop: 3 Things You Need to Know About The Series Finale (and Beyond)

House CancelledNow that  you’ve had time to digest the news that House is ending its eight-year run in May, let’s turn our attention to what will arguably be one of the biggest TV events of the season: The show’s series finale.

Keep reading for answers to a few burning questions about the episode, as well as intel on what the show’s demise means for the cast (hint: even though House won’t be back next fall, they may be.)

1 | The series finale will shoot in early April and will be directed by series creator David Shore, who will also co-write the hour (his script partner is TBD).

2 | There’s a good chance we’ll see some familiar faces return before Princeton-Plainsboro closes its doors for good, but which ones? Over the summer, Shore told TVLine that he would “love” for Hugh Laurie’s former leading lady, Lisa Edelstein, to check back in prior to the last episode. A source, however, says no formal discussions have begun. One alum you can count on returning for the swan song is Olivia Wilde. Prior to her exit this fall, the actress agreed to put in one last appearance as Thirteen should this be the final season. And although Jennifer Morrison is currently gainfully employed on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, she recently told TVLine that it would be an “absolute dream” to slip back into Cameron’s scrubs for the finale, adding, “That show was such an important part of my life, and I loved playing that character and I loved that group of actors.”

3 | You may see Chase, Foreman and Co. back on TV next fall. The early announcement, coming at the start of pilot season’s casting phase, frees the show’s ensemble up to attach themselves to potential new series. Don’t look for Hugh Laurie to pursue a tube return anytime soon though. “I’m sure he’s looking forward to a nice long break from the weekly grind,” shares an insider.

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