Chuck's Final Mission Intel, Part 3: There Will Be Tears... Lots of Tears

Chuck star Yvonne Strahovski is many things. Beautiful. Sexy. Quite convincing as a butt-kicking secret agent.

But she is not an easy cry.

Until, that is, she began nearing the very end of her days as Sarah Walker. “[Yvonne] is always a little bit tough, and she kept her cool…,” costar Joshua Gomez shared with reporters during a finale-time visit to the Chuck set. “And then all of the sudden, she was like, ‘Gomez, I can’t stop!'”

“I cried this whole [final] month,” Strahovski herself admitted. “I’ve just been crying, every single day. I [even] cried when i did my last fight scene ever.”

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One reason for the cast’s waterworks is, of course, the real-life fact that they would be parting ways after five fun-filled seasons together. But throw on top of that a series-ending script that puts so much in jeopardy, then ultimately delivers (a good amount of) closure for all of the main characters, and that’s when the Kleenex really starts flying.

“We’ve been losing it on a scene-by-scene basis. And the [finale] is an episode that’s emotional,” Chuck cocreator Chris Fedak said. “If people aren’t tearing up, then we’ve not done our job.”

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Heck, even big, bad John Casey was poised to shed a tear if the script called for it. And while the lethal lug certainly has a emotion-laden “moment” toward the very end, “Casey doesn’t cry,” says his portrayer, Adam Baldwin. “[But] if [Chris] had written me to cry, I could have cried.”

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Luckily, there aren’t many Caseys out there amongst the NBC spy comedy’s viewership. So as the final two hours unspool tonight starting at 8/7c — chock-a-block with callbacks to the pilot that started it all (and that you’ll want to/need to view anew first chance you get), and capped by a heart-tugging final sequence that takes no prisoners — you should be prepared to get misty along with Burbank’s finest.

“It’s a good, classic Chuck episode that gives you a bit of everything, [and] for the fans who have taken that journey from the very beginning, I don’t see how you’re not going to cry,” says Gomez. “So cry, dammit. That’s what we’re going for!” (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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