The Finder: 6 Things You Need to Know About the Bones Spinoff (Plus Exclusive Video)!

Tonight at 9/8c, The Finder will debut after Bones, the Fox hit off which it’s been spun. But, despite their shared DNA (see video below for more on that), the series are pretty different. For one thing, “the actors on Bones are way smarter than the actors on The Finder,” jokes Geoff Stults, who plays Walter, an Iraq war veteran with the ability to find whatever you’re looking for. “We are not as technical [and] considerably quirkier.

“It’s a little more,” he adds, “like a goofy Magnum, P.I.

Here are six more things you need to know about The Finder straight from the cast and executive producer Hart Hanson.

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WALTER’S FINDER POWER LIES IN HIS HEAD | Walter’s unique ability to find anything is the result of a brain injury that he suffered during combat – or at least that’s what he thinks. “Whether it’s true or not, it doesn’t matter, because Walter believes it,” says Stults. “He will not seek help for it, because he doesn’t want to lose that gift.” No one else wants him to, either. “Everybody’s afraid that if Walter doesn’t find something, his computer’s going to malfunction, and he’s just going to die,” Stults explains. So, will his finder power ever fail him? “He’s pretty good,” the actor laughs, “because we need that next episode.”

WALTER AND ISABEL AREN’T BOOTH AND BRENNAN | The Bones pair have been playing the will-they-or-won’t-they game for six years, but The Finder‘s steamy couple, Walter and Deputy U.S. Marshall Isabel (Mercedes Masöhn), “don’t have that [dynamic],” notes Hanson. “They are boyfriend and girlfriend.” But the opposites-attract couple aren’t thinking of settling down and spending their future together – yet. “They both love each other, but aren’t quite sure if they want to admit it,” explains Stults. Not helping matters is the fact that Walter’s laidback style doesn’t really mesh with Isabel’s career aspirations. Which, in turn, leads to the fun of “what happens when a couple that is together and should stay together,” says Hanson, “realize that they actually do belong together.”

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LEO OWES WALTER HIS LIFE | Leo (Michael Clarke Duncan), who acts as Walter’s “legal counsel”/bodyguard/caretaker, feels indebted to his pal, so much so that that the big guy even rides around in Walter’s sidecar! But that funny image aside, this is one bond that runs deep. “Leo was about a 400-pound, out-of-shape lawyer who lost his family and was getting ready to commit murder,” explains Duncan. “Walter came into his life to help him get in shape, help him get over the loss of his wife and child and basically give him a new life.”

WILLA IS A MINOR, BUT SHE’S MAJOR TROUBLE | Maddie Hasson’s Willa brings heaps of drama to Walter’s bar with her gypsy criminal past. “She’s grown up without a solid parental influence,” explains Hasson. But that changes when she’s put under the supervision of Leo as part of her parole. “I see the goodness in her,” says Duncan, in character. “I’m trying to let her see you don’t have to act like that, you don’t have to steal, you don’t have to be conniving your whole life.” Hasson insists “there’s a lot more” to her character than her bad girl tendencies, adding, “She has a big purpose behind all of this.”

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ISABEL MEANS BUSINESS | “Every sleuth investigator that works outside law enforcement has to have a contact in the cops,” says Hanson. For Walter, that’s Isabel. “There is nothing about her that’s sort of quiet in the kitchen,” says her portrayer. “It’s fun to be able to [put] boots on and carry a gun and tell people how it is and have authority.” Plus, there’s another added bonus to the role: “I get to flirt with [Geoff]. He’s all sorts of beautiful. I find myself blushing a lot throughout the day.”

IKE HAS TAKEN A HIKE | If you watched Booth and Brennan travel to Florida on Bones last season, you might remember a feisty lady by the name of Ike (Saffron Burrows), who worked at Walter’s bar. Well, she’s gone. “For various reasons, the character of Ike went away from the series,” says Hanson. But there is a chance that, sometime after the first season, she could reappear. “I hope so,” he teases.