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Where is Reid’s mind at? How will Walternate react to meeting “his” son? What do Castle, Bones and Revenge all have in common? What is Schmidt’s special bedroom skill? Read on for those scoops, plus other teases from TV’s hottest shows.

Criminal Minds | At long last, I may have an answer to one of this CBS drama’s most puzzling mysteries: What happened with Reid’s conspicuous Season 6 headaches? The answer: Blame Sue Sylvester! “The hope,” series boss Erica Messer tells me, “was that we were going to be able to explore those headaches a bit last year with Jane Lynch (as Reid’s mother), and get her take on it. But because of Jane’s schedule, we just were never able to.” While Messer cops to setting up a story that wasn’t (yet) be paid off, she notes, “It’s still a part of the character, and that it’s a sort of psychosomatic issue he has speaks volumes.” Turning to what is ahead for Reid, Messer cites this season’s 11th episode, where Matthew Gray Gubler’s alter ego reflects on whether he’s fulfilling his potential. “[Being so smart] at 14 you’re really, really special, because not everybody could do what you do. But at 30, it doesn’t feel like you’re as special as you once were.”

Fringe Bosses Say this Season’s Finale Can Work As Series Finale

Fringe | The winter premiere, airing this Friday, finds Peter angling to go “over there” and beseech Walternate for help in getting “home.” Just how awkward is this meeting between father and son? “It’s not even that easy,” Joshua Jackson notes with a chuckle. “It’s, ‘Hi, I’m Peter Bishop and you’re my alternate, alternate real father who doesn’t know that I survived, but I did, in a universe you’ve never been in.'” (The actual dialogue, thankfully, is a bit more streamlined.) Regardless, is the evil-ish genius surprised to meet his son? And will he be at all helpful? “To a certain degree he’s the same Walternate we used to know — he’s got his fingers in all the pies — so I don’t think he’s ever surprised by anything,” Jackson answers. “But as you will see, his motivations in this timeline are completely different than they were as we used to know him. It looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, but it’s not a duck in this case.”

NCIS Team Teases ‘What If?’ Episode No. 200

NCIS | Not that y’all need reassuring, but… well, let’s face it — you want reassuring. So yes, C-I-Ray is out of the picture given the events of the show’s latest outing. “Ziva is very angry at him,” notes show boss Gary Glasberg, “and she planted that big fist right across his jaw, which I hope people enjoyed.” Down the road for Ms. David, Glasberg says he plans to introduce “Ziva’s muse — her [Mike] Franks — someone who is going to guide her a bit in figuring out what she wants in life.”

Bones Winter Finale Scoop: The Most Diabolical Baddie Is Unleashed! A Love Nest Is Revealed!

Daddy Issues Galore! | Bones and Castle have more in common than just crime-solving and angsty romances. They also have fathers that are about to come into play. Bones exec producer Stephen Nathan tells me that after the show resumes its season in the spring, Ryan O’Neal will return as Brennan’s dad, Max. Might he, as some speculated, solve the parents-to-be’s child care sitch? “He could help out…,” Nathan hinted. Meanwhile on Castle, series creator Andrew W. Marlowe confirms there still is a plan to shed light on Rick’s father “sometime in February.” Over on ABC’s Revenge, William Devane is due to show up as family patriarch Edward Grayson, and suffice it to say, that father-son dynamic isn’t hearts and flowers. As Henry Czerny (Conrad) puts it, “For a character to show up on Revenge and not have a complex, slightly discomforting relationship with people would be impossible.” What brings about Edward’s visit? “There is only one real answer to that question: You’ll have to watch the show,” Czerny says. “It’s so secretive, I’d have to kill you first and then tell you.”

Revenge Recap: The Return of the Red Marker and The Classic Takedown

Raising Hope | Speaking with Lucas Neff at Fox’s TCA soiree, I recalled my appreciation for the flashback episode that established that Sabrina once crushed hard on goth little Jimmy, yet both now are oblivious to that fact. Might they ever come upon the truth? “When we come back [starting Jan. 17], there’s going to be some big events in the Jimmy/Sabrina storyline,” Neff answered. “I don’t want to give away too much, but some earth-shaking things happen.”

New Girl Exclusive: Dermot Mulroney Joins the Cast as ‘Big’ Love Interest For Jess

New Girl | Also at the Fox party, one hot topic was whether the spectacularly douchey Schmidt might ever be able to “seal the deal” with Jess’ gorgeous bestie. Though such a hook-up might seem a ways off, a surfaced secret will arouse Cece’s… curiosity. “Cece finds out that Schmidt has a hidden talent that kind of gets her thinking,” Hannah Simone told me as she half-blushed, half-laughed. Wait, is he impressively adept at… that? “You have to watch to find out,” Simone hedged, “but when I read that script I was like, ‘Are you for serious? Really?!’ It really stops Cece in her tracks.”

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