American Idol's Lauren Alaina on Her Fox New Year's Gig, Acting Dreams, and Daring New Look

Lauren Alaina doesn’t want to give away too many details about her Saturday-night performance on Fox’s American Country New Year’s Eve Live (11:00 ET live) — “you’ll have to watch to find out,” she says with a giggle — but she is promising viewers an unexpected fashion choice, a sneak peek at her full touring band, and a side of her personality people didn’t get to see during her second-place run on Season 10 of American Idol.

What Happens in Vegas Requires Daring New Duds | “I’m wearing a completely different look than I’ve ever worn before, and I’m so excited about it,” teases Alaina, who’ll be performing from Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino. “It’s New Year’s, it’s Vegas, so what better time to try something new?” While Alaina won’t spill the beans and describe her outfit in detail — “it would ruin the surprise!” she says — she agreed to give TVLine a few adjectives that would best represent it: “It’s very classy. It’s real flirty. And it’s flashy.”

Five Veteran Musicians Trump a Track Any Day | For her American Country New Year’s Eve Live set, Alaina says she’ll be accompanied by the same five-man band that will join her on tour with Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan in early 2012. Seeing how she’s only played two or three gigs with the whole quintet to date, Alaina says her excitement level is incredibly high. “I love performing with a band way more than a track, just because it gets a whole new kind of vibe going and gets the energy up,” she says. “You actually get to play off of the other people that are around you.”

You’ll Probably Get to Hear Her Current Single “Georgia Peaches” Tonight, But Then Again, Maybe You Won’t | Alaina says she’ll play just one track for her televised New Year’s gig. But while she won’t confirm that it’ll be her current single “Georgia Peaches,” she will admit she’s happy that radio audiences are getting to hear a different, more playful side of her personality than they did with her Idol finale ditty “Like My Mother Does.” “The first time I heard ‘Georgia Peaches,’ I absolutely loved it,” Alaina explains. “The girl that wrote it, her name is Mallary Hope, and she’s from a town about 20 minutes from my hometown. We have a similar thought process, and we were raised the same way. It sounds like I could have written it myself.” That said, Alaina doesn’t spend too much time obsessing over where the song is on the Billboard charts. “I’ve got people around me that let me know when something really good happens,” she says. “They called me when the song broke top 40. That was a good day.”

Don’t Be Surprised if Someday, Alaina Is on the Small Screen in a Different Capacity | “People are always telling me that [on Idol], they didn’t get to see how funny I can be,” says Alaina. “But in real life, I’m always cracking a joke or being really goofy, and I’m very rarely serious.” That, of course, could lead one to wonder if Alaina might ever want to follow in the footsteps of countrys legend like Dolly Parton and Reba McEntire, and try her hand at movies or television, perhaps even a sitcom. “I’ve always been interested in acting, since I was a little girl,” says Alaina. “And while at this point in my career I’m not really ready for it, at some point, I would love to get into acting.”

If You’re Not Yet a Convert to Alaina’s Music, She’d Like You to Check Out Two of Her Songs on iTunes | “Right now, there’s a tie between two songs as my favorites on the record: ‘One of Those Boys‘ and ‘The Middle.’ People should check out those two,” Alaina recommends. And the singer follows her own advice, too. “My best friend Maria loves my album. Every time I get in the car, my CD is in her CD player, so we listen to it quite a bit,” says Alaina. “It’s good practice for me. She knows the words better than I do, I think. My favorite started out as ‘Tupelo,’ but I listened to it so much that now I’m stuck on ‘The Middle’ and ‘One of Those Boys.’ My favorites always change. But I picked the songs and made sure I loved them when I picked them.”

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