Exclusive: The Closer Brings Back [Spoiler] for the Series Finale!

The Closer‘s series finale is still a ways away — the final episode of TNT’s hit crime drama won’t air until next summer — but TVLine has already learned that the show will go out with perhaps the most appropriate (and likely biggest) bang possible.

Sources tell us exclusively that in two episodes forming The Closer‘s very final act, Brenda will once again face off against her Moby Dick, the one that got away, the target of her one unclosed investigation — in other words, slithery and slippery legal eagle Philip Stroh (played by The Twilight Saga‘s Billy Burke)

As longtime viewers know, Stroh was introduced at the close of Season 4, when the suspect in a series of rapes backtracked on his confession to instead finger his own attorney, Stroh, as the culprit. Alas, at that time and ever since, Brenda never found enough evidence to actually pin the crimes on Stroh — this despite the fact that until recently, she even dedicated a room of her and Fritz’s cozy abode to tracking the unsolved case.

What threatens to bring Stroh back into Brenda Leigh’s orbit? The seven-year-old drama’s swan song finds Deputy Chief Johnson investigating the makeshift cemetery of a serial killer, and that case — one way or another — will resurface her longtime legal nemesis. (And all the while, Brenda will continue to struggle to hold onto her job!)

The Closer is currently in two weeks into “Season 7.33,” a run of five fall/winter episodes. The procedural’s final salvo of six episodes will kick off in summer 2012.

What do you think, Closer fans? Are you excited to see Stroh be a part of Brenda’s “last stand”? Dare we hope to also get a final visit from firebug Bill Croelick (played by Jason O’Mara)?