Boardwalk Empire: React To This Week's [Spoiler]

If you have yet to watch Sunday’s Boardwalk Empire, hit the nearest exit. Everyone else, read on…

Jimmy (Michael Pitt), who had been slowly losing it in recent weeks, suffered his biggest loss to date – and so did viewers.

In a shocking twist in the final minutes of this week’s episode, Jimmy’s innocent wife Angela (played by the luminous Aleksa Palladino) was brutally murdered by one of her husband’s enemies, Philly crime boss Manny.

Here’s how it went down:

Already suspecting Jimmy of ordering a hit on him, Manny became further agitated by the new boss of Atlantic City’s lame idea of a debt repayment. So he set out to kill Jimmy, but, in a tragic twist, bumped off his wife Angela’s new girlfriend Louise instead — while Angela herself looked on. As a horrified Angela begged him to let her live, Manny aimed the barrel of his gun at her, sneered, “Your husband did this to you,” and then pulled the trigger.

Not once but twice.

It was a haunting image and easily one of the most pivotal — and heartbreaking — deaths in show’s two-year run. It’s also a homicide that will likely reverberate through the final two episodes of the season.

(Note: This was the major female death I’ve been teasing for weeks.)

Other highlights from the Dave Flebotte-scripted hour.

* Van Alden received divorce papers from Rose.

* Teddy, tired of his polio-stricken sis getting all of Mom’s attention, feigned paralysis. Margaret punished him with a slap across the face and later expressed concern to Nucky that, “He’s got his father’s cruelty… his sister is lying crippled in the hospital; he knows that.”

* Jimmy offered to drop Chalky’s murder charge in exchange for an end to the workers strike, but he was having none of it.

* Esther “I’m Sure I Don’t Know What You’re Talking About” Randolph (an unrecognizable Julianne Nicholson) started sniffing around about Nucky’s possible role in the death of Margaret’s abusive hubby, Hans.

But back to the tragic death of Angela, were you as devastated by it as I was? Hit the comments with your snappy judgments and eulogies.

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