Smallville DVD Exclusive: Tom Welling and Others Share 'Lex-Rated' Series Finale Secrets

Each time I think I am done writing about Smallville… they pull me back in. Or, in this instance, an exclusive sneak peek at an extra from the complete series DVD set (out next Tuesday, Nov. 29) lands in my lap.

As TVLine had the thrill of being the first to report, Michael Rosenbaum, after some back-and-forth and negotiating of schedules, made his way back to the CW series just in time to bring Lex appeal to the grand finale. In the below clip from the featurette “The Return of Lex Luthor,” Rosenbaum, series lead Tom Welling and others discuss what it was like to deliver the pretty much mandatory face-off between Clark Kent and his longtime frenemy.

For one, as it was well-reported, the writers had to rejigger the first draft of the finale script, which had been prepped without any Lex in it. Also, as Rosenbaum amusingly relates, the whirlwind schedule demanded that he learn and rattle off Lex’s monologues very quickly — and with no help from his scene partner. (Watch Rosenbaum do a funny “imitation” of Welling-as-Clark.) You also hear from Cassidy Freeman (sharing her delight at getting to finally work with her “brother”), director Greg Beeman and exec producer Kelly Souders.

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Smallville: The Complete Series boasts all 218 episodes, over five hours of newly added special features (including a never-before-seen Superboy pilot from 1961), over 100 minutes of retrospective featurettes, an issue of the Daily Planet penned by DC Comics, and more. Also out Nov. 29 is Smallville: The Tenth Season (in DVD and Blu-ray), which features a look back at the 200th episode, “Homecoming,” and commentaries on “Lazarus” and “Kent.”