Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Gossip Girl, Revenge, Glee, Vampire Diaries, Private Practice and More!

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Question: When will we find out definitively who the father of Blair’s baby is on Gossip Girl? We still haven’t seen the paternity test. —Sarah
Ausiello: Exec producer Josh Safran tells me an answer — and a “cemented” one at that — is coming in the next couple of episodes, adding, “We definitely understand and expect people to still be wondering.”

Question: All this “Chair” regression is making me yawn. Can you offer us “Dair” fans any hope? —Elle
Ausiello: How about I offer you this tip instead: Be patient! Safran explains that a decision was made this season to “slow down the character connections to the point where it’s a little more realistic and maybe not as heightened” — and that includes Dan and Blair. “As the characters age, [they’re] not necessarily jumping into things,” he adds. “Dan and Blair, of course, continue to be in each other’s lives. And this story is definitely continuing between Chuck, Dan, Blair and Louis.”

Question: OK, I have a burning question: WTF is up with the photo making the rounds of Gossip Girl‘s Blair getting arrested with a joint and tiara in hand? —Becca
Ausiello: Two things to keep in mind: The show has been shooting episodes out of order this season. And there’s a time jump coming up. That’s all I’ll say.

Question: Any scoop on Dan and Serena getting back together on Gossip Girl? —Carrie
Ausiello: Possibly. When I grilled Safran about Serena’s romantic prospects, the Gossip boss told me that S will soon “find herself looking back at what successful relationships she can count in her past.” Unless I’m mistaken, that list begins and ends with Dan.

Question: Please, please, please can you give us another hint on your Twitter blind item about a character being killed off in the next couple of weeks? —Lacey
Ausiello: It’s a very popular cable show and the character in question is female. And I’m quite upset about it.

Question: May I have a Criminal Minds spoiler? —Luis
Ausiello: There’s a very cool episode coming up where the team is investigating a serial murderer who purports to be the Zodiac Killer. The team is tasked with figuring out whether he’s the real deal or a copycat.

Question: Do you have any juicy scoop regarding our favorite TV genius, Criminal Minds‘ Reid? —Sara
Ausiello: With the big 3-0 right around the corner, he’s going to start wondering if he’s doing enough with his life.

Question: Got any scoop on The Middle? —Carter
Ausiello: Awww! Do I! Cupid’s arrow is about to hit Sue for the first time for real! (Sorry, Brad.) When the briefly-almost-cheerleader starts her own pep squad to support the wrestling team, its star — diminutive Matt — falls head over heels for her. And since the role is recurring, it’s a safe bet that eventually, his ardor will be reciprocated.

Question: Some Revenge scoop, please? —Sabrina
Ausiello: Some of the Hamptons’ stuffed shirts may start looking a little deflated after we meet over-the-top Mason Treadwell. He’s a fancypants writer type whose book on the locals has made him as big a celebrity as any of the rich bitches he’s profiled. I suspect he’ll also wear an ascot. (That just feels right.) Edward Hibbert, call your agent…

Question: Loving this season of Parenthood. Scoop, please? —Stephanie
Ausiello: It looks like an all-male version of All About Eve will soon be staged at the Luncheonette when nascent music producer Adam lands the cover of the San Francisco Chronicle, prompting Crosby to sneer, “I’ll admit I may have seen better days, but I’m still not to be had for the price of a cocktail, like a salted peanut.” The news isn’t all bad for Dax Shepard’s hapless alter ego. His love life will begin looking up when he falls for a bright, accomplished, wry-witted cello player who just so happens to be renting space at the recording studio.

Ask Ausiello Bonus Blind Item: A character we thought was dead will turn up very much alive on a freshman drama series.

Question: I know we just got a Good Wife scoop last week, but what can I say, I’m greedy. And even though this week’s episode was totally top-notch, I have to ask: What is it with the case of the missing Kalinda? —Christine
Ausiello: Fear not, Kalinda will be very prevalent in the next few episodes. Look for her to get very close to Monica Raymund’s Dana — much to Cary’s chagrin — and look for Will to reach out to her with regard to his new legal woes with the S.A. office. This Sunday, in particular, there is a Kalinda scene that should set Twitter ablaze.

Question: I have a question about this week’s Glee episode, “The First Time.” I know that Blaine and Kurt go to a gay bar. I also know that Blaine gets a little drunk. But what I don’t know is if Kurt gets drunk too. Does he? —Stacy
Ausiello: Not even a little bit. It’s immediately established that Kurt is the evening’s designated driver, making him perfectly equipped to fend off Blaine’s aggressive, booze-fueled sexual advances. It all leads to a rather heated argument in the parking lot, which itself leads to a rather poignant reconciliation, which itself leads to [see episode’s title].

Question: My kids are 11 and 13 and are big Glee fans. They’ve watched every episode. But I’m a little concerned about this week’s episode, “The First Time.” We’ve already had a talk with them about it and they know what’s coming and still want to watch it. But I have to ask, just how graphic is it? How much will they show? How detailed are the conversations? Want to prepare both them and myself! —Lynne
Ausiello: Let the kiddies watch, Lynne. The episode is actually pretty tame. (Heck, Kurt wasn’t even allowed to wear a tank top!)

Question: I think I need just a little bit more scoop on Glee‘s “The First Time.” Is there anything else you can tell us about the bad news that Finn receives? —Sussi
Ausiello: It concerns his college plans (or lack thereof).

[/ask_ausiello_show] [ask_ausiello_hide]Question: I’ve been following you forever and I know you absolutely loathe One Tree Hill, but I gotta ask: Any chance for another wedding or at least engagement in the final season? —Danielle
Ausiello: I can confirm that there is a wedding in the series finale. And a time jump.[/ask_ausiello_hide] [ask_ausiello_show]

Question: Any intel on Chad Michael Murray’s return to One Tree Hill? —Barrie
Ausiello: I hear his hairdo is… unfortunate.

Question: Quick Bones query. How much time will pass between Episode 6 (aka the midseason finale) and Episode 7 (the winter premiere)? —Janine
Ausiello: “It will not be that long,” responds EP Stephen Nathan. “But since we want to keep the time line of Brennan’s pregnancy a surprise, that’s all I can say without being a spoiler.” And Lord knows, we wouldn’t want that.

Question: Michael Slezak made me choose between two of my very favorite law enforcement characters in his Cop Crushes tournament, so now I think you owe me some scoop: Are we ever going to see Parker Booth on Bones this season? I hope we get to see his reaction to his new half-sibling! —Nicole
Ausiello: Parker will resurface soon after the show returns from its midseason break.

Question: I’m utterly addicted to American Horror Story. Anything juicy to share? —Ben
Ausiello: Never having eaten brains, I can’t say if it’s juicy. But in this week’s episode, Vivien (Connie Britton) chows down on some gray matter. Fun fact: That’s how all the extras get cast on The Walking Dead.

Question: Do you have any news about a possible hook-up between Damon and Bonnie on The Vampire Diaries? I know it happens in the books. —Giovanni
Ausiello: Is there anything in the books about a romance between Bonnie and a charismatic-yet-troubled duded named Jamie? Because I’m fairly certain that’s happening. Not so sure about Damon-Bonnie.

Question: I’m still mourning the death of Brother Sam on Sunday’s Dexter. Not sure what my question is, except, well, why did they have to kill him off? I was enjoying the idea of Dexter having a friend. —Will
Ausiello: According to exec producer Scott Buck, it served the greater good. “Brother Sam is someone we wanted to bring in who had a very positive effect of Dexter,” he explains. “For him to be killed in such a hurtful way — especially when Dexter had finally learned to trust someone and have them believe that there was light in him — and then the lose that person in such a violent and meaningless way… will have a lifelong impact on Dexter and who he continues to become.”

Question: Do you have any Body of Proof scoop? —Chloe
Ausiello: Although it was weeks ago that Battlestar Galactica studmuffin Jamie Bamber was cast as Dana Delany’s new love interest, he still hasn’t seen a script. But this much he can share: “I play a blue-collar construction worker who Megan [knew] in the past.” At the moment, Bamber is slated to appear in the final three episodes of the show’s current 13-episode order (which doesn’t include a handful of Season 1 leftovers). “And if they get a back-nine,” he adds, “it would potentially develop into more from there.”

Question: All I see is Grey’s Anatomy spoilers when it comes to Shonda Rhimes’ shows! Gimme some good Private Practice dish, please! —Rachel
Ausiello: The two-hour intervention episode on Nov. 17 centered on Amelia “doesn’t follow the regular format of the show,” Caterina Scorsone told us at TV Guide Magazine‘s Hot List Party on Monday. “Because it’s an intervention, everyone is involved in one storyline…. We were all on set every day. That’ll be amazing to watch.” Not surprisingly, Amelia doesn’t take kindly to the ambush at first. “She definitely has some resistance,” says Scorsone. “She interacts with each character individually, and they gave her their input and she gives it right back to them. It’s not the easiest episode to watch.”

Question: Any other details you can share about the Jeffrey Wright episode of House? It sounds ominous. —Joan
Ausiello: You thought that sounded ominous? Try this tease on for size: The fallout from his visit — specifically what House does in that episode — will be felt throughout the remainder of the season.

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