Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Grey's, Fringe, Once Upon a Time, Horror Story and Private Practice!

Is three company or a crowd on Grey’s? What brings a beloved baddie back to Fringe? Who’s the daddy on Once Upon a Time? Read on for those answers, plus other teases from TV’s hottest shows.

Grey’s Anatomy | Let’s kick things off this week with a trip to the Inside Line mailbag. Sara writes, “Can you please give me a hell of a scoop about Mark and Lexie from Grey’s Anatomy? We have been waiting so long!” Well, as we saw during last Thursday’s softball game, Mark’s new honey (played by Gossip Girl alum Holley Fain) roused the green-eyed monster in Lexie, to the point that she beaned her “rival” right in the bosom! So you can only imagine the tension when a medical case brings Fain’s character, an ophthalmologist at Seattle Presbyterian, to SGH to work alongside Derek, Mark… and Lexie. Let’s hope no Rawlings Softies are handy in the OR!

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Once Upon a Time | This much we know about young Henry: His birth mom, Emma, is significant because she has the power to undo the Evil Queen’s curse. And Henry himself is significant because he apparently offers Regina a “second chance” of sorts, seeing as he’s named after the father she sacrificed to exact “the curse to end all curses.” But what about Henry’s birth dad? Who is he, will we ever meet him, and how might he fit into the picture? Or is that perhaps a big Season 1 finale bombshell? “That might be a Season 6 finale!” Jennifer Morrison responded with a laugh when I popped the paternity question. “I’ve heard rumblings of ideas about Henry’s father and how he fits into all of this,” she went on to share, “but that is something that is definitely going to take a long time to be revealed.”

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Fringe | While speaking with Joshua Jackson for an upcoming feature, I tried to elicit intel on the much buzzed-about return of big baddie David Robert Jones (played by Jared Harris). His response to my earnest appeal for scoop: “Uh, no.” He then explained, “I don’t want to give away the why [of Jones’ return], because if you’ve been watching from the very beginning it’s a very satisfying reveal.” Jackson did offer that “from a personal standpoint, the fact that we’re basically going to go back to Season 1 and rehash all of that stuff is super-cool.” In fact, he said that DRJ’s comeback tale — which was originally set as a winter finale cliffhanger but will now unspool after the holiday hiatus – is “the best of the stories I’ve been involved in since I’ve been back.” Featuring all of the characters from both universes and heaps of mythology, he raves, “It’s the whole enchilada.” BONUS FRINGE BENEFIT! The Inside Line can report that ingenue Alexis Raich has been cast in an episode currently in production as Emily, a teen who has a strange, dark gift that she believes to be a curse, but at the end of the day may be very helpful to our Fringe Team.

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Private Practice | The introduction of young Mason will continue to uncork myriad emotions, but lovey-dovey looks between Cooper and one-time hook-up Erika will not be one of them, Paul Adelstein assures. “If it turns out to be Cooper’s child, that means having a relationship with the kid’s mother as well – but not a romantic relationship,” he told me. “I mean, he’s happily married.” (On that note, a chorus of CharCoop fans cheer!) Still, Cooper having Mason in his life will often mean allowing Erika into his orbit as well. “It’s not like this kid is 20 years old and living on his own,” the actor notes. “With an 8-year-old, you’re going to be dealing with the kid’s parent. So that complicates things.” (And the CharCoop fans booooo.)

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American Horror Story | If you watched this week’s conclusion to the Halloween night arc, you saw that at the very end of the hour, Vivien (played by Connie Britton) decided that she’s had enough of Ben’s lies and gave him the heave-ho from their horror-ble home. But will that ejection stick? Maybe, maybe not. As Dylan McDermott told me, “The thing is, I am treating patients still in the house,” so that at the very east will keep Ben around in some capacity. The Harmons’ marriage, though – as with the relationships of the house’s previous owners — is perhaps doomed. “I’m trying to save this marriage, but it obviously is slipping through my fingers,” McDermott says in character. “So we’re going to see more of that, me trying to keep it together as it’s all falling apart…. We’re definitely in crisis.”

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