TVLine Items: Mandy Moore Lands ABC Comedy, Kelly Clarkson Idolizes Parks and Rec and More!

Mandy Moore has once again found a home at ABC.

The onetime Grey’s Anatomy and Scrubs guest star has scored the lead in Us and Them, a single-camera project which has landed at the Alphabet net.

Per Deadline, the family comedy centers on the “conflict between the families we grow up in and the families we make,” as told from the perspective of Moore’s Annie and her new hubby.

Ready for more of today’s TV dish? Well…

Pawnee, are you ready for a moment like this? American Idol champ Kelly Clarkson took to her blog to profess her love of NBC’s Parks and Recreation and not-so-subtly beg for a guest spot. “I really want to be on Parks and Recreation,” she wrote. “I am a bad actress but maybe I could play a bad actress! I would nail that! Please tweet…anyone related to that show and tell them they need to have me on as a guest.”

• Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry has set up a new hour-long drama at ABC. According to Deadline, Devious Maids follows the lives of four Beverly Hills housekeepers.

CBS has pulled How to Be a Gentleman from its Saturday night home after just one outing. That’s called “How to Be Canceled.”

NBC’s Fear Factor revival has set a premiere date. The extreme-challenge reality show returns to TV Monday, Dec. 12 with a two-hour debut.

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