Saturday Night Live With Melissa McCarthy: What Were the Best and Worst Skits?

After a cold open that whipped a few more welts into the dead horse of Kristen Wiig’s “Baby Hands on Lawrence Welk” routine, and a monologue that chugged along on pure charm (but a deficit of punchlines), I was worried that Melissa McCarthy’s Saturday Night Live hosting stint was headed for disaster. Thankfully, though, this week’s installment made a rapid recovery thanks to some loopy writing and, just as importantly, McCarthy’s penchant for physical comedy and her total lack of inhibition. Am I crazy, or was this one of the funnier SNLs in recent memory? Here are my picks for best (I’ve got to give honorable mention to Jay Pharoah’s Chris Rock Broadway show, and “The Comments Section“) and worst skit:

BEST: “Arlene”
McCarthy as a frumpy office worker sexually harassing Jason Sudeikis’s mortified married man wasn’t the world’s freshest concept, but our guest host’s commitment to the comedic cause — and her outrageous use of a horse balloon — had me howling in spite of myself.

BEST: Lil Poundcake
She has a purse, a cellphone, and hair that grows. Just watch out for those side-effects. “The only thing that you’re gonna get infected with…is fun!”

WORST: Complaints (pictured)
You could practically hear Lorne Michaels yelling, “Quick! Throw together some stale sex jokes — we’ve still got five minutes of airtime!” in the seconds before this skit featuring Andy Samberg as a singles-bar predator getting confronted by a host of dissatisfied lovers while trying to pick up Melissa McCarthy. A test of the Emergency Broadcast System would’ve been a less painful way to end the show.

What did you think of this week’s SNL? Would you agree that McCarthy deserves a return invitation? What were your favorite and least favorite skits? Sound off in the comments!