Fall TV Preview

Scoop: Chuck Introducing Sarah's [Spoiler]!

Last year, Chuck introduced us to its title spy’s mom, Linda Hamilton. And this year? For its final season, the show is introducing Sarah’s mom, Emma. The possibly recurring character is described as a beautiful blonde who is, in essence, a walking hug. Our suggestions to play the part:

* Carrie Fisher: Not only does her Star Wars bro, Mark Hamill, guest in this season’s opener — making her casting an almost-reunion — the erstwhile Princess Leia just dropped a ton of weight. And what’s the old saying? If you lost it, flaunt it!

* Rene Russo: Check out these credentials, would ya? A past in crimefighting? Check. (Lethal Weapon 4.) An aptitude for espionage? Check. (The Thomas Crown Affair.) A sense of humor? Check. (The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle.) An innate huggability? Um… Okay, on second thought…

* Cheryl Ladd: It’s been decades since this former Charlie’s Angel donned her halo, but in addition to still looking like a million bucks, the actress — who next appears on NCIS — has maintained exactly the air of sweetness that this role requires.

* Sigourney Weaver: With movie stars like Glenn Close and Laura Dern now turning to TV, is it out of the question to think that the Alien ass-kicker might, too? Especially for a one-season deal? (If it is out of the question, please don’t spoil the dream for us, okay?)

* Lynda Carter: OK, Chucksters, you didn’t listen when we suggested the onetime Wonder Woman to play your leading man’s mom. So how about your leading lady’s? Do you need a reminder that she looks great with fair hair, too?

Okay, your turn. Do you like one of our picks, or do you have someone else in mind when you picture Sarah’s mom? Vote in our poll and then state your case in the comments!