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Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Grey's, Castle, House, Vampire Diaries, Good Wife and More

How grey does Meredith’s future look? What big drama awaits the Castle clan? What’s the prognosis for House’s other new team member? Who else in Mystic Falls will be seeing ghosts? Read on for those answers, plus other teases from TV’s hottest shows.

Oh, Baby! 25 Photos from the Grey’s Anatomy Season Premiere

Grey’s Anatomy | If the column is a bit late today, it’s because I just plowed through the two-hour Grey’s premiere, airing next week. now stand back, because here’s a flurry of teases: One of the doc’s has been having “earth-shattering” sex; Bailey unleashes a compelling rant that just may have you siding against Meredith; Mark is so not over Lexie, as displayed by how hard he rides plastics progeny Jackson (meanwhile, Avery’s reactions to his rival’s obviousness are pretty LOL-worthy); Sarah Drew is funny as floundering chief resident April; Mer engages in an act so bold, it makes the clinical trial tampering look like small potatoes; a surgical competition among the residents reveals a surprising team leader; one of the docs almost kills another – and I mean that quite literally; Sandra Oh will make you bawl like a baby when the Cristina/Owen storyline takes a sudden turn; and when all is said and done, you will see precisely what Mer does and does not stand to lose as a result of her past behavior. Oh, and if you’re a Danny/Susannah* fan, prepare to be on the edge of your seat for the first hour — craaaazy stuff on tap for those two! (* See Comments for explanation)

Vampire Diaries Season 3 Preview: Damon and Elena Get Close, Alaric Speaks Up and More!

The Vampire Diaries | Looks like Jeremy Gilbert isn’t the only one seeing ghosts this season.  Matt Donovan, aka the perpetual outsider, will be brought into the mix via “a new friendship” with Elena’s little bro. “Through that relationship, he starts to find a passageway to reconnect with his dead sister, Vicki,” Zach Roerig tells us. “Jeremy and Matt are actually the only people in Mystic Falls who can see the dead.” Roerig adds that he and Kayla Ewell “have worked together again,” so watch for some emotional reunion scenes, while Nina Dobrev says that Elena will eventually find out about the hauntings, though not through Jeremy: “The way she finds out and the way it unfolds is very cool.”

Castle Creator Previews a Season of ‘Explosive’ Secrets

Castle | Dipping into the reader mailbag, Lynne asks: “What will Martha be up to in Season 4? Will her acting school open?” Your answer, from show boss Andrew W. Marlowe himself: “We have a fun episode where Martha and Castle end up on the wrong side of a bank robbery while she’s trying to get a new loan for her school.” (P.S. In a fun wink-win kto TV fans, the robbers nickname themselves Dr. Quinn, Dr. Huxtable, Dr. Howser and Trapper John, TVLine has learned.) Meanwhile, who’s working hard on the outside to hopefully save the day? Why, Beckett of course.

Exclusive: All My Children Vet Parties With Body of Proof

Body of Proof | This ABC drama has a new series regular on board for its sophomore run (premiering next Tuesday at 10/9c): Mary Mouser, who plays Dr. Megan Hunt’s daughter. Lacey’s increased presence is pretty much dictated by the fact that she now will live with Mom, instead of Dad — forcing Megan to go from 0-to-60 in the parenting department. “Before it was all about winning my daughter’s love back, and now it’s about disciplining her,” Dana Delany told me Wednesday night at a cast cocktail party. “And I don’t know if I want to do that!” Delany also raved about the season opener, which riffs on her old stomping grounds via a murder at a tony cul de sac. “It’s pretty noddy – and naughty!” she says of the Housewives in-jokes. “I even have the line, ‘I’ve actually lived on a street like this before, and nothing is as it seems.”

House Exclusive: Prison Break‘s Wentworth Miller Checks In!

House | Thus far we’ve heard a lot about Odette Annable’s Dr. Jessica Adams — but what about the Fox drama’s other addition, played by funny lady Charlyne Yi? TVLine caught up with the actress this week, and she summed up Dr. Chi Park as “very smart, and kind of repressed. She’s emotional but she represses those emotions, and when she holds on too tight, they kind of explode.” (No worries, we can suture that right up.) Yi says that thus far she has been working most with Hugh Laurie and Annable (with whom she shares that “new kid” bond). “There are so many parallels between the show and real life,” she notes. “I’ll say to Odette, ‘This episode’s about us, how we’re trying to fit in [with the cast] and how we feel like we gotta earn our respect.'”

Good Wife Exclusive: Michael J. Fox Returning for Multiple Episodes

The Good Wife | As if Alicia’s state of (ahem) affairs couldn’t be more awkward in the wake of her and Will’s hotel-room hook-up, it turns out her son Zach will be lurking in the halls of Lockhart Gardner as Season 3 gets underway. “They have a bad problem with IT at work, especially with trying to get Alicia’s files, so Zach is brought in to make it all work,” previews series cocreator Robert King. As such, you can be sure – perhaps because the kid is just that intuitive, or maybe Dad puts a bee in his ear? – that Zach will have run-ins with Will. “Yeah,” says King, “there’s a lot of tension there.” Ya think?

Parenthood | Those who watched the season premiere this week may be wondering: Just how bad a boy did Alex used to be? “He has a lot of demons and skeletons in his closet, and they will be revealed,” shares Michael B. Jordan. “A lot of information is thrown at you guys, and it’ll be a happy and sad time for the Bravermans.” But what about Alex’s relationship with Haddie specifically? “I don’t want to give it away, but a lot is going to go down,” Jordan teases.

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