Nikita Season 2: Showrunner Previews the Big Brawl, 'Mikita' Happiness, and More Owen

As TVLine’s Season 2 preview interview with Nikita showrunner Craig Silverstein came to a close, it became apparent that he had given us so much scoop, we’d have to divide our piece in two — which, let’s face it, is pretty great.

So, here is Part 1 of our talk with the mastermind behind The CW’s sometimes literally kickass action-drama, in which we learn what lies ahead for Maggie Q’s titular character, her love and fellow rogue spy Michael (played by Shane West), an off-the-rails Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca), returning fan fave Owen (Devon Sawa), and more. (Part 2 of the scoopapalooza can now be found here.)

TVLINE | Where does the start of Nikita‘s second season find the characters? Does it pickup immediately where Season 1 left off?
It starts two or three months after the finale. Nikita and Michael are still getting their bearings on the road, living hand-to-mouth in a very low-rent, fugitive style. Alex meanwhile is as secure as she can be in her new role [on the inside]. She’s not really a Division agent and wants to be very clear about that with Amanda.

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TVLINE | You’ve said that the theme of the coming season is each character’s search for some semblance of home. Is that something that’s attainable? And will we see anyone find success in that venture?
Yes, you will. But for all of the characters involved, what they end up with is not what they expect. They’re looking for a certain thing and they end up somewhere that is the right place, but they couldn’t have known that at the beginning of the season.

TVLINE | Do each of these journeys take the full season? Or is there an arc planned for the back-end of the year?
Right now, it’s full-season. Michael and Nikita can’t even talk about going off together and starting a new life because they’ll always be looking over their shoulders; Division will find them. In Nikita’s eyes, they have to end Division and Oversight once and for all so that she and Michael know that no one is chasing them. And Michael has a little bit more fire under him to right the past wrongs on the black box.

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TVLINE | How long do you plan on pitting Alex and Nikita against one another? Should fans brace themselves for the worst?
No, it actually moves like a wave. The Alex/Nikita relationship has a natural ebb and flow to it this season. It’s not as if they are against each other…period. Things will expand and contract.

TVLINE | What about the fight between the two in the premiere? You’ve said they don’t hate each other, but rather are on different sides this season. So, how do things escalate to that level?
A lot of things lead up to that fight. It’s out of the circumstances of the situation. It’s not as if they just see each other and start fighting; it escalates. It naturally builds into a fight that has a really unfortunate end.

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TVLINE | We know that Devon Sawa returns as Owen in Episode 2, and that he’s trying to clean up his act. What else can we expect to see from him?
He’s in a bit of a different state of mind, a better one, though Michael does say to him, “How long until you turn into the Tasmanian Devil again?” Owen has not yet found a way to be completely off the regimen, though that’s what he’s seeking to do when we see him. The entire story of Episode 2 ties into that as a subplot.

TVLINE | Is there already a plan in place to bring Devon back this season?
Yes, and you’ll see a major, major hint as to what direction Owen will come back in the very last scene of Episode 2. It’s a little bit of a surprise.

TVLINE | Come on, Craig, spill! When can fans look forward to seeing him again beyond that episode?
I’ll say this: Owen will come back before our little midseason break during the holidays.

TVLINE | Let’s talk a little more about Alex. It seems like she’s in such a bad place.
She is in a bad place, but she’s going to find some people she can connect to — even some surprising people within Division, including “the new Birkhoff,” Sonya (played by Lyndie Greenwood). We’ll also see young Alex again in a flashback that happens in the third episode.

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TVLINE | And now, Mikita: Any scenes that will really wow the masses?
Yes, absolutely. We’re not going to hit them with super-obstacles right away because I think that’s denying the fans the chance to see them work well together, save each other, and try to figure out how to manage this new relationship. There are great Mikita moments in the first run of episodes.

TVLINE | Most importantly: Are they happy?

Nikita Season 2 kicks off Friday, Sept. 23 at 8/7c.

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